Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: Jailbreak

In the eleventh episode of ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 4 titled ‘Jailbreak,’ Kyouka and Atsushi break into a bank’s vault after learning that Mushitarou has been kept there after his arrest. But before they can escape, Ango accompanied by armed policemen arrive at the location to catch the three. Although Mushitarou appears to get out of the bank without arousing suspicion with the help of a psychological trick, Ango manages to see through their plan. However, when he eventually confronts Atsushi and his comrades, something unexpected unravels. \

Atsushi and Kyouka Look for Mushitarou

After his arrest, Mushitarou has gotten used to his life in captivity. He often thinks about Yokomizo and their long conversations. Meanwhile, the remaining members of the Armed Detective Agency are desperate for some hope. Kyouka and Atsushi infiltrate the bank vault where Mushitarou has been kept and inform him that they are there to free him. They also educate him about the motivations for taking such a drastic step but are shocked to learn that Mushitarou does not aim to be free.

However, Kyouka manages to convince them after reminding him about the manuscript. But just when they are escaping, they see Ango approaching the bank with armed men. Mushitarou reveals that he is with The Seventh Agency, a criminal organization created by the government. He seems really afraid since he knows that if they are caught, then he will spend the rest of his life in captivity while Kyouka and Atsushi will be killed. But Mushitarou eventually gathers enough courage to take action.

He comes up with a plan to trick Ango and his men. His plan eventually works and Mushitarou along with Kyouka and Atsushi manages to escape. However, he does not realize that Ango has seen through his plans and soon manages to track the three of them down. But to his surprise, he allows the trio to escape through the sewer and meets them later. As they are driving away, Ango reveals that he is not with the Seventh Agency and that Fyodor has lied about him to ensure that Mushitarou never talks to him.

Ango also discloses that he is been in touch with Dazai from the start of the mission and they are in active contact with each other. Since Fyodor may have eyes everywhere, he has been very careful about who he meets. Ango later takes the three of them to Lucy who invites everyone to Anne’s room, where they can talk more openly about the whole situation. That’s where everyone questions Mushitarou about the Decay of Angel.

Who Are the Decay of Angel? What is Their Final Goal?

The Decay of Angel is a terrorist organization that is comprised of five members. Apart from Fyodor, Nikolai, and two more extremely powerful Gifted, there is also the founder who manages everything from the shadows. Although Mushitarou is not fully confident about their ultimate goal, he reveals that they are definitely planning the erasure of the state. Ango is shocked to learn the haunting truth as he has expected that they would at most aim to overturn the government and not completely annihilate the state.

It seems impossible for Atsushi, but Mushitarou reminds everyone that the Decay of Angel has the supernatural page in their possession. But Atsushi is quick to point out that they have already used it to frame the Armed Detective Agency. However, he failed to realize that the page has two sides and the Decay of Angel is keeping the other side blank for a very crucial reason. Mushitarou then explains that the page is only activated to accomplish a goal when there is a narrative-like causal consistency. This rule means that there is a need for a lot of text for a grand conspiracy.

The Decay of Angel is planning to deal with the trivial details on its own followed by engagement in global terrorism that will open the door for the use of the last page. Mushitarou even reveals that terrorist organization is planning to execute the last phase of their plan on the night of the next full moon, which is just ten days away. Although the Decay of Angel is a dangerous group, Atsushi still feels optimistic as he plans to use the other side of the supernatural page to make the Armed Detective Agency innocent in everyone’s eyes.

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