Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: Bungo Hound Dogs

In the twelfth episode of ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 4 titled ‘Bungo Hound Dogs,’ Ango makes Kyouka and Atsushi aware of their next move as well as Lucy’s role in it. Meanwhile, the Bloodhounds are still searching for the Armed Detective Agency members and eventually learn that Atsushi and his allies are heading to the Skyward Casino. When Tachihara and Teruko eventually get there to investigate, the duo ends up in a world of trouble.

Bloodhounds Continue to Pursue Armed Detective Agency Members

After escaping, Ango takes Kyouka and Atsushi to an isolated place. He then reveals that the Decay of Angel now plans to unleash chaos and violence in the world by indulging in acts of global terrorism. In order to stop them, Agno seeks Lucy’s help, who can make all of them disappear into thin air using her ability. Meanwhile, the Bloodhounds are eager to learn about the next move of the Armed Detective Agency. During their investigation, they end up at the coffee shop directly below the agency’s office.

There they question the man running the business and manage to find out that Lucy accompanied by Atsushi and Kyouka is heading to the Skyward Casino next. The Bloodhounds send Tachihara and Teruko there to investigate the matter and the duo eventually talks to Sigma, the man who runs the casino with the hope that he will help them with the case. However, things do not turn out as they had expected since Sigma refuses to work with them and decides to ensure the safety of his customers on his own.

How Does the Five Deadly Omen Plan to Commit Global Terrorism?

After their short discussion with Sigma, Tachihara, and Teruko resume their investigation. While walking through one well-lit alley, the former sees a shining coin on the floor. As Tachihara bends to pick it up, he suddenly sees Atsushi entering one of the rooms and assumes that he is probably hiding there with his companions. As he breaks the door and forcefully enters the room, he is shocked to learn that there is no one inside.

Tachihara then finds a secret bunker with a large collection of coins from around the world. Meanwhile, Sigma has been watching unfold from his office and realizes that his secret is about to be revealed. In order to protect the grand plan, he decides to press a button following which the coin in Tachihara’s hand explodes. It turns out that every coin in the bunker is actually a bomb that can be conveniently used anytime.

Sigma is then revealed to be a member of Decay of the Angel and is closely overseeing the group’s grand global terrorism plan in which they hope to use the coins to unleash chaos and violence. Luckily, Tachihara manages to survive the blast using his ability and when he is attacked moments later by a plane, Teruko fights alongside him to evade it. The duo eventually come out of the room alive but find themselves surrounded by casino guards. The Bloodhound members easily manage to take them all down.

Why Did Fyodor Entrust the Casino to Sigma? How Does Sigma Plan to Stop the Bloodhounds?

In the prison, Dazai asks Fyodor why he entrusted the casino to Sigma. Instead of directly answering the question, the criminal recalls that Sigma’s background is quite peculiar. When he first came across it, he learned that his records only began three years ago when the European authorities took him in. In order words, Sigma does not have a past. The fact that he is amnesiac too makes his situation even more bizarre. His ability allows him and whomever he is in contact with to exchange intel they wish to learn from the other.

It is revealed that the Skyward Casino which is said to have been constructed 13 years ago following a secret conference by the countries who won the war actually materialized just 8 days ago after it was written on supernatural paper. Fyodor then finally confesses that he entrusted the casino to Sigma because he is the strongest. According to his philosophy, the strongest people are not those who have political powers or strong abilities, but those who have nothing.

Since Sigma has no recorded past and he is an amnesiac on top of it, Fyodor believes that he is desperate to find a place where he belongs. This is why the casino means the world to him and he will guard it by putting his life on the line. When the Bloodhounds manage to stop the security guards, the people come out of their rooms, apprehensive of the situation outside.

Tachihara tries to reassure them that he is with the police and things are under control, but then all of a sudden one of these civilians stabs him while another man smashes a glass bottle on his head. It turns out that Sigma has announced to every customer living in the Skyward Casino that they will be rewarded for killing or injuring the Bloodhounds. Now that he has his back against the wall, he is prepared to go to any lengths to take down his enemies.

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