Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: A Perfect Murder and Murderer

In the fourth episode of ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 4 Ranpo continues to desperately look for the dangerous criminal from the Rats in the House of the Dead, who is responsible for putting Kunikida behind bars. Interestingly, he comes across Poe on an ordinary day and learns that he is going to the same place as him the exchange important documents. Although Poe eventually gets the red envelope he was promised, Ranpo is shocked when Mushitarou, the evidence destroyed working for the Rats in the House of the Dead falls to his death from the top of the building they were visiting.

Ranpo Searches for Rats in the House of the Dead Member

Ranpo visits Kunikida in the prison and promises to free him by getting his hands on the criminal who put him in his current situation. Later that day, he comes across his friend Poe, who is going to the same observatory building as him to retrieve something he won in an auction. Ranpo informs him that he is there because he has come to learn that the evidence destroyer from the Rats in the House of the Dead will also be present there on the same day. As they get bored waiting for the auction material and the criminal they have looking for, Poe explains the case that he has been working on recently to pass time.

He tells Ranpo that a mystery novel author wrote three chapters of a novel and the fourth one was about to be published. But he was killed and the fourth chapter went missing since it was about the truth and trick behind the murder. After learning all the details, Ranpo figures out that the fourth chapter has been secretly auctioned for money and the buyer is none other than Poe who paid 2 million for it. When Poe mentions that the new chapter will be delivered to him in a red envelope, Ranpo shows him that the envelope has been right there at the location where he has been standing.

But when he and Ranpo get close to retrieving the document, the evidence destroyer falls from the top of the building. Ranpo eventually rushes to the scene and the police arrive immediately afterward. The detective is able to figure out that the man who just died is not actually the real victim he has been looking for and the death has been faked just to clear his name. Interestingly, the victim’s face was crushed before the murder and after his death, a mask that made him look like the evidence destroyer was put on his face.

The police were called in advance so that Ranpo cannot have a look at the victim to solve the case. Everything fits perfectly and Mushitarou, the evidence destroyer gets really worried as he looks at the genius detective in action. Therefore, he resorts to his only trick, which is to use his special ability. After Mushitarou uses his special ability called The Perfect Crime, the crime scene is manipulated in a manner that there are no clues left for Ranpo to figure out how the crime took place.

As he watches a defeated Ranpo give up, Mushitarou walks away satisfied that he has once again managed to escape the grips of law enforcement authorities. Interestingly, the only photo that the agency has of the criminal is the one taken before he changed his appearance after joining Rats in the House of the Dead. Naturally, this makes Mushitarou feel almost invincible and he goes to the backstreet to wait for his ride.

Meanwhile, Ranpo informs Poe that he can’t do much and leaves the crime scene to return to the office. Interestingly, just when Mushitarou is celebrating his win quite pompously, he finds Ranpo standing right in front of him all of a sudden. The detective asks if he could get a taxi there since the other streets are blocked by the police. Mushitarou informs him that he is at the wrong place since taxis don’t really come there but it is evident that he is getting concerned by Ranpo’s presence.

Does Ranpo Figure Out Evidence Destroyer’s Plan? Will Mushitarou Get Arrested?

When his ride finally arrives, Mushitarou jumps in ready to run away only for Ranpo to sit with him in the backseat. The detective promises that he will pay him for the ride and Mushitarou could not say no to him for some reason. The Rats in the House of the Dead member pretends to be innocent and asks about Ranpo’s profession. The detective proudly explains his job and starts talking about the murder that just happened. He says the killer must be easy to spot as of now since he is wearing smaller-sized shoes and will probably be quite uncomfortable.

Mushitarou immediately becomes quite self-conscious but Ranpo is hardly done dismantling the case. The detective argues that the case is unlike others because the murderer has the reality-altering sort of ability that puts him above everyone else. Although he claims that he has no chance against such an opponent, Ranpo proudly announces that he has managed to figure everything out this time. He then explains that the evidence destroyer desperately wanted to prove that he has passed away. In order to achieve this goal, he deliberately involved the clueless Poe in his grand scheme by arranging the exchange of the manuscript that he needed on the same day when he was with Ranpo.

When the two of them were exactly where he wanted them, the killer pushed a dead person made to look like him from the top of the building. Interestingly, Ranpo then also claims that the murderer got his hands on the book by killing the author who was working on the latest volume. The episode ends there without clarifying whether Mushitarou gets arrested or eventually confesses to his crime when mountains of evidence are directly pushed in his face. While the viewers will have to wait for the next episode to learn how exactly the story unfolds from here, Mushitarou eventually gets caught but not just for the crimes mentioned above.

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