Burden of Truth Filming Locations

Burden of Truth‘ is a legal drama series with a premise that packs tons of legal intrigue and family drama. The show revolves around an attorney named Joanna Chang, who returns to her hometown, Millwood, to represent a pharmaceutical company. A few girls who have fallen ill have associated their illness with a vaccine developed by the pharmaceutical company. After some time, however, Chang has a change of heart and chooses to represent the girls as she suspects something fishy. This move pits her against some powerful people of Millwood as well as her own father.

Where is Burden of Truth Filmed?

As mentioned earlier, the story of ‘Burden of Truth’ is set in the town of Millwood. The intended tone of the series is to create a small-town setting wherein each character has its own complex motif. Hence, the small-town setting is extremely integral to the series. That is the reason several viewers would have wondered where the show has been filmed.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Unsurprisingly, filming for ‘Burden of Truth’ is entirely carried out in Canada. The series is shot in the province of Manitoba. The fictional town of Millwood is represented using Selkirk and Sanford in Manitoba. However, a large chunk of the filming is also carried out in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Have a look at the following Instagram post, which shows how filming was carried out in Winnipeg.


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The Winnipeg Hospital seen in the first episode of the show is actually the Misericordia Health Centre on 99 Maryland Street in Winnipeg.  Furthermore, scenes set in Matheson’s house are shot at the Summerscales House on 1168 River Rd N in Saint Andrews, Manitoba. Scenes set in Joanna’s apartment are filmed at Travelers Building on 283 Bannatyne Ave in Winnipeg.

The Riverside Grill scenes, on the other hand, are actually filmed in a place called Riverside Grill on 386 Eveline St in Selkirk. The Boot Tavern scenes are shot in the Bronze Boot Tavern on 692 Colville Rd in East Selkirk. However, the exterior of The Boot Tavern is filmed at Selkirk Tavern. Filming is also carried out at Veterans Memorial Gardens in Selkirk, Churchill High School in Winnipeg, Centrepoint in Winnipeg, and Selkirk Inn & Conference Centre.

Additionally, filming was also undertaken at Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School, Manitoba Avenue, Selkirk Waterfront, Black Cat Foundry, The Marine Museum of Manitoba, Selkirk & District Regional Hospital, Selkirk Regional Health Centre, Manitoba Hydro Place, Manitoba Legislative Building, Manitoba Courts, Winnipeg City Hall, Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre, and several other places. Have a look at the following behind-the-scenes photo:


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