Is Burden of Truth Based on A True Story?

Legal dramas pack tons of potential for compelling drama and that is the reason there have been numerous popular ones over the years. ‘Burden of Truth‘ is a Canadian legal drama series that combines various elements of a righteous legal battle with a sprinkling of family drama. Kristin Kreuk leads the cast of the show, playing the role of the protagonist, Joanna Chang.

Kreuk is best known for playing the role of Lana Lang in ‘Smallville,’ a superhero television series. Apart from that, she is also a cast member of the 2012 science fiction show ‘Beauty & the Beast.’ Apart from Kreuk, Peter Mooney, Star Slade, and Nicola Correia-Damude are also members of the cast of ‘Burden of Truth.’

‘Burden of Truth’ sports a premise that several viewers might find familiar. Apart from being seen in other productions, the premise of the show also seems to be quite grounded in reality. That is the reason many viewers must have wondered whether ‘Burden of Truth’ is based on a true story or not.

 Is Burden of Truth a True Story?

‘Burden of Truth’ begins with the character of Joanna making a return to her hometown in order to represent a pharmaceutical company after a few girls start to fall ill, associating their illness with a vaccine created by the corporation. However, Joanna soon starts to get a change of heart and ends up fighting for the girls. This does not sit well with those in power in the town. In fact, Joanna’s decision of supporting the girls also ends up pitting her against her own father.

It ought to be noted that ‘Burden of Truth’ is not based on a true story, even though it might appear to be an adaptation of an actual case. Its protagonist and plot are both fictional. The Erin Brokovich case might come to mind when one thinks of ‘Burden of Truth.’ However, it is only loosely inspired from that case. “It’s not quite so bright and crackly like Erin Brockovich. I just rewatched it recently. Yes, definitely, that was an inspiration,” Kreuk told The Star. 

However, there is another less likely source that inspired the plot of ‘Burden of Truth:’ the Me Too movement. The series wanted to explore how people in power often abuse their position of privilege. “We were inspired with what happened to Jian Ghomeshi and (Bill) Cosby, that was in our minds. This show, as you thematically get through it, starts to really look at patriarchy and all kind of issues with people in power. Both abuses of power in systems and in families,” Kreuk told Vancouver Sun. 

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