Jennifer Saunders and Ruby Stokes Cast in Denis Rabaglia’s Butterfly Stroke

Jennifer Saunders and Ruby Stokes will lead the cast of Denis Rabaglia’s next feature film ‘Butterfly Stroke.’ The shooting of the project is slated to start in the United Kingdom and Switzerland on an undisclosed date. Rabaglia also penned the screenplay with Nat Luurtsema and Jessica Townsend.

The plot of the movie revolves around Ruth (Saunders), a headstrong and eccentric woman who seeks to maintain control over every aspect of her life, including her own death. Determined to pursue an orderly and legal exit, she travels to Zurich. However, her plans take a turn when her estranged granddaughter Lori (Stokes) unexpectedly shows up and refuses to leave without her. Despite their differences, their reunion becomes a transformative and loving experience for both of them.

Rabaglia previously co-wrote and directed ‘My Beloved Enemy,’ in which a professor’s life is thrown into chaos when he saves the life of an injured hitman who then promises to find and kill an enemy of the former. His credits also include ‘Marcello Marcello,’ which revolves around a young fisherman’s son named Marcello, who disrupts an entire village for the love of the beautiful Elena. Rabaglia’s directorial ventures extend to projects such as ‘Pas de Panique’ and ‘Azzurro.’

Saunders’ most recent role is DI Brookes in ‘Sumotherhood,’ a British crime comedy in which two friends encounter trouble following a failed bank robbery. In ‘Allelujah,’ she played Sister Gilpin. The actress portrayed The Maester of Dubrovnik/The Saester of Dubrovnik in ‘The Pentaverate’ and lent her voice to Mymble in ‘Moominvalley.’ Additionally, Saunders appeared in projects such as ‘Death on the Nile‘ and ‘Ghosts.’

Stokes was recently seen as Flo Brooks in ‘The Burning Girls,’ which follows a reverend and her daughter as they navigate the dark history and superstitions of a village. In ‘Lockwood & Co.,’ she portrayed Lucy Carlyle, a girl with psychic abilities who joins a ghost-hunting agency to combat deadly spirits in London. Stokes has also appeared in projects such as ‘Bridgerton,’ ‘A Banquet,’ and ‘Where Is Anne Frank.’

Stokes previously filmed ‘Lockwood & Co.‘ and ‘Bridgerton‘ in the United Kingdom. ‘Anthracite‘ and ‘The Palace’ are two of the several projects shot in Switzerland in recent years.

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