Cade Cole From Alone: Here’s All We Know About Him

Image Credits: History Channel

In a quest against nature’s most testing conditions and ferocious creatures, ‘Alone’ features ten contestants competing to survive the longest in uninhabitable weather conditions. The History Channel reality television show follows contestants in a battle of will amidst the callous and merciless cold of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. At a site where life is scarce, ten participants try to survive and thrive. Season 10 of ‘Alone’ features the survivalist’s conflict with nature and their ultimate victory or loss in the severe conditions that encompass the region.

Without any human contact or filming crew, the contestants self-document their journey as they closely evade the vicious creatures of nature, such as bears, wolves, and moose. Cade Cole is one of the ten people whose brevity has invoked curiosity among viewers. If you also want to learn more about the entertainment star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

From Texas Boy to Wyoming Man: Cade Cole’s Story

At 28, Cade Cole is one of the youngest people to ever compete on the History Channel show. Born and brought up in rural Texas, Cade’s early years were filled with adventures in the wild. As a young boy, Cade would spend the majority of his time fishing and hunting. Slowly, he developed a knack for the wilderness, and a mere interest fueled something more. Cade is currently based in Crowheart, Wyoming, at the foothills of the Wind River Mountain Range.

Cade Cole’s Profession

The time he spent in nature as a child propelled Cade to use the wilderness as a means of survival, necessity, and living. Moreover, his love for animals and nature also played a big role in solidifying his choice of career. And so, fueled by the many aspects of wilderness and conservation, Cade embarked on a path to conserve North American wildlife.

Cade’s work is multi-faceted and allows him to take on different roles. On some days, Cade does nothing but solely hunt; on others, he also works as a hunting guide and a tracker. As an expert hunter, Cade gets to feed his family and also pay his bills on time. With an impeccable reputation in the field, Cade uses his lifetime passion to focus on conserving the endangered species of the environment. The Rocky Mountains have become the epicenter for Cade’s legal hunting activities.

From the earliest days of childhood to the 10-year stint in the Rocky Mountains, Cade has been hunting legally for the better part of his life. With a passion for making considerable changes for children with learning disabilities, Cade’s mission to join ‘Alone’ is incredibly altruistic. The Wyoming-based hunter wants to open a horse camp for children with learning disabilities and help them give a sense of responsibility. With a focus on engaging children through different aspects of nature, Cade hopes to make such a form of therapy more accessible.

Cade Cole’s Support System: His Wife and Young Son

Cade is married to Danielle Cole, and the couple has a son named Clifford. The family lives in a cabin in Wyoming. In addition to the time he spends out in the mountains, Cade also spends time with his wife and 2-year-old son. While Cade’s initial hesitance to join the show emerged from lost time with his family, he still decided to join the show and make a difference.

Moreover, Cade has the support of his family, which allows him to take on the most challenging conditions in the Saskatchewan mountains. Naturally, we hope that Cade achieves all the goals he sets out to accomplish and wish him the best in all his future endeavors!

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