Mikey Helton From Alone: Here’s All We Know About Him

Image Credits: History Channel

Facing the unexpected in the wild, ‘Alone,’ on History Channel, follows the self-documented journey of ten individuals in the wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. With a few supplies and zero human contact, participants traverse the harsh terrain of the mountains and fend for themselves in the wild. With $500,000 on the stake, season 10 of the survival show depicts the battle of human will against the wrath of nature. Mikey Helton is one of the individuals who contested to win the title on the show. If you’re also curious and want to know more about the reality show star, we’ve got your back!

Mikey Helton: Raised in the Georgia Wilderness

Based in Georgia, Mikey was taught how to procure and source from nature early on. Mikey’s understanding of the wilderness came from his family and has evolved into skills he hones to this day. Mikey’s childhood was quite different. With no electricity and running water in his house for years, the natural habitat close by became an escape and comfort for Mikey.

So, Mikey learned how to fish and trap very early on. He also honed his skills to survive in the wild by purifying water and making fire. Mikey’s primitive skills were shaped by a lack of basic necessities. By spending his teens collecting rainwater, hunting, trapping and fishing, Mikey learned how to thrive with the limited resources nature offered. Naturally, Mikey remains an anomaly as he is not alien to the challenges of the wild and knows how to live without the common comforts modern technology offers.

Mikey Helton’s Profession

Growing up, Mikey was taught how to use the fruits of nature proficiently. These abilities didn’t just help him become more self-sufficient but also helped him create a career. Excelled in working with wood, Mikey decided to pick up the trade of carpentry. As a carpenter, Mikey continues to work with different elements of nature. While woodworking is a major aspect of his professional work, he also takes his knowledge of the wild to create natural products.

Mikey practices a number of natural and traditional methods in his day-to-day life. Skilled in recognizing a plant and their benefits, Mikey regularly makes use of his knowledge to create a number of traditional and medicinal products. So, in addition to working as a carpenter, his knowledge of the environment helps him explore a number of different prospects. Since he is also a master of foraging and procuring foods in the wild, Mikey’s deep understanding of the world around him allows him to craft different things from natural resources and harvest wild food for consumption.

Mikey Helton’s Wife and Kids

Mikey Helton is married to Hazel Helton and has five children who reside happily in Georgia. One of the major reasons why he is undertaking the challenging journey in the merciless conditions of the Saskatchewan mountains is because of his youngest son. Mikey and Hazel’s youngest son Nikolai is on the autistic spectrum. So, even though Mikey has been an excellent procurer all his life and can easily provide for his family, his son’s condition would require more than just the basic necessities of life.

In order to get the best treatment and therapy for his youngest child, Mikey has decided to compete in the survival show. Moreover, with a strong belief in the power of nature, Mikey and his family believe that nature can heal just about everything. As such, the harsh terrain, the presence of natural predators and the absence of comfort in the biting cold of Saskatchewan is a welcoming challenge for the Georgia-based carpenter. Naturally, we hope that Mikey and his family manage to overcome their predicament and that they achieve success in all future endeavors!

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