Callum and Jess: Are The Love Island UK All Stars Runner-Ups Still Together?

In the star-studded eleventh iteration of ‘Love Island UK,’ there were several couples who easily captured the attention of the world. Also known as ‘Love Island: All Stars,’ the season gave us pairings like Callum Jones and Jessica “Jess” Gale,’ who impressed the viewers enough to bag the second position in the Peacock competition. Given the circumstances in which the two came together, it is hardly a wonder that people have been asking if their on-screen romance is ongoing even today.

Callum and Jess’s Brief But Happy Time on the Show

When Callum Jones entered the show, he was given the choice of pairing up with any of the present female participants, and he decided to rekindle his romance with his former partner, Molly Smith. The two had come together in season 6 of the series and did seem open to exploring their connection once more. However, by the time the second recoupling came around, it seemed evident that the two might have closed the door on their bond for good.

While Molly was chosen to be Tom Clare’s partner, Callum was able to pair up with Georgia Steel. The bond between the new pair did seem to be a strong one, but it was not long before Georgia found herself gravitating towards Toby Aromolaran instead. Now paired with Arabella Chi, Callum seemed to be growing closer to a new entry into the house, Joanna Chimonides. However, things took an unexpected turn when Jess Gale entered the show.

As a new entry, Jess was given a chance to pair up with a contestant of her choice, and she decided to pick Callum during what ended up being the final recoupling ceremony. Only days later, Joanna was dumped from the island, and Callum and Jess started to explore their connection further. Interestingly, both of them had been a part of season 6 of the show but had never really explored a romantic connection with each other back then.

However, the circumstances in the eleventh installment of the show were certainly different, and almost everybody could see just how compatible the two were with each other. Even Molly, Callum’s ex, commented that Jess would certainly impress Callum’s family. Needless to say, the couple was able to impress the world with their chemistry, which allowed them to be among the top 2 finalists. Though they ended up losing the competition to Molly and Tom, the two were happy to be the runner-ups of the season.

Callum and Jess Are Keeping Things Under Wraps

Since Callum Jones and Jess Gale left the dating reality show as a couple, the world has remained curious about whether or not the two are still together. However, they prefer to keep the details regarding the same close to their hearts. In the ‘Love Island: The Morning After’ podcast, Callum did state that he and Jess were officially not a couple yet. From what the two have shared with the world, they do seem to be on the same page and are looking forward to exploring their connection.

“We are just going to see how it goes naturally. I will take some trips up to Manchester, and Callum is going to come and do some fun things with me in London,’ Jess said after the final results were declared. Some have speculated that the two might have split up due to the fact that they have not really posted any affectioned pictures or comments on social media following their arrival back in the UK. However, given that they continue to follow each other on Instagram, we are inclined to belive that the two are still figuring things out and have decided to not be publically open about it as of writing.

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