Are Liberty and Mitch From Love Island UK Still Together?

The eleventh season of ‘Love Island UK’ is better known as ‘Love Island: All Stars‘ thanks to the fact that it features some of the most beloved contestants from the previous installments of the show. Available on Peacock, the series has allowed the viewers to become deeply invested in the relationships that are formed during the experience. Consider Liberty Poole and Mitchel “Mitch” Taylor, who remained a prominent couple during their time on the show, though their journey together was far from a simple one. As such, the fans are eager to know if the two are still pursuing a connection with each other.

Liberty and Mitch’s Time on the Show was Full of Ups and Downs

When Liberty Poole and Mitch Taylor entered the star-studded season of ‘Love Island UK,’ they found themselves connecting instantly. However, based on public demand, Liberty was paired with Jake Cornish, while Mitch coupled up with Kaz Kamwi. However, Jake chose to leave the island not much later, feeling that this was not the right time for him to pursue a romantic connection. This left Liberty single and available when it came to the first recoupling ceremony of the season.

Given that the first recoupling ceremony was primarily based on girls’ choice, Liberty was left in the situation of picking Mitch, who also seemed happy about it all. Not long after, Liberty started to become upset when she saw Mitch maintaining a flirtatious connection with Demi Jones. Things only became more complicated when Arabella Chi entered the show, and Mitch decided to pull her aside for a chat. This left Liberty furiously questioning just what Mitch had done to prove that he was also invested in their connection.

“What has he actually done to prove to me that I am plan A,” Liberty asked some of her friends. “What has he done to prove to me that he’s grateful to me for picking him in the recoupling? Nothing!” This was followed by her having a conversation with Mitch, where he insisted that he had only talked to Arabella twice and that he was “still open.” However, he added that his top priority was still Liberty, who seemed tired of the “mixed messages.”

Liberty was even more upset when Demi revealed not much later that Mitch had told her that she was his “number one.” Given how similar it was to what Mitch had just told Liberty, she decided to confront him about it, leading to a heated argument. When the second recoupling ceremony came around, Mitch chose to rekindle his partnership with Liberty, given the tumultuous past that the two had shared. People could not help but wonder if this would last for long.

Liberty and Mitch Chose to Part Ways

The rekindled partnership between Liberty Poole and Mitch Taylor did not last for long as the two decided to seemingly part ways on amicable terms. This was followed by Mitch being interested in Georgia Harrison but trying to be open about it with Liberty. Unfortunately, the amicable nature of Liberty and Mitch’s post-split bond did not last for long. In the game of “Snog, Marry, Pie,” Mitch chose to pie Liberty, stating, “I’ve pied this girl because over the last week I’ve had nothing but stress.”

This served to infuriate not only Liberty but several other female cast members, who chose to pie Mitch back. What followed was a loud and heated argument between the two, with Liberty questioning Mitch’s emotional maturity. Given just how tumultuous their relationship had been, it did not surprise Liberty and Mitch when it was revealed that they were voted as the least favorite couple by the viewers. However, that did not stop them from being shocked when they came to know that they were now eliminated.

Despite the tense moments between Liberty and Mitch during their last few days on the show, the two did not seem to hold much against each other by the time they were eliminated. In fact, Liberty has even publically spoken that she and Mitch did not have any animosity towards each other. Given that they do follow each other on Instagram, it might be safe to assume that the two reality TV stars have been able to put past their previous hurts to be on more amicable terms.

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