Candace Turner: The Y2Ker is Now a Missouri Businesswoman

With HBO’s ‘Time Bomb Y2K’ delving deep into the way a single rumor changed the whole fabric of modern technological society, we honestly get a documentary film unlike any other. After all, not only does it take us back to the years leading up to 2000, but it also solely comprises archival footage to really shine a light upon our gradually growing dependency on computers. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about self-proclaimed “Y2Ker” (aka Y2K advancements doomsday believer) Candace Turner, we’ve got all the necessary details for you.

Who is Candace Turner?

It was reportedly back around the mid-1990s when Cartersville, Missouri, native Candace first came across the whole concept of the millennium bug, turning her entire world upside down. The truth is she ran a business selling industrial freezer units alongside her husband Lester Paul Turner at the time, but the theory worried them to such an extent they decided to uproot everything. That’s because it essentially made them believe that as soon as the clock would strike midnight on January 1, 2000, there’d be a technological equivalent of the apocalypse in terms of disruptions.

According to Candace’s own accounts, she was under the impression the power grids would go dark, all public transport would grind to a halt, plus the stock markets would crash and burn. There was even a theory suggesting the banks as well as the US government would go out of operations, sparking riots and looting at every step of the way, driving her to establish a refuge for herself. She actually sold her business, found a community of similar thinkers online, and began trading in survival goods, practice, and tips to keep actual food on the table for as long as possible.

We say this because by the time 1998 rolled around, Candace and Lester had stocked up their Missouri farm with many livestock, seeds, canned food, plus other basic farming equipment. The reason: they were sure that’s all they could depend upon coming into the 21st century, which is also why they’d instructed their four children to learn how to care for themselves just in case. Then came her bicycle buying as well as Survival Domes — she planned on bartering the bikes in a cash-drive world while also continuing to sell information through her website or professional kits.

As for why Candace turned to the internet before reaching out to local family, friends, and neighbors alike, she did, and they simply didn’t know how to switch or understand her overall vulnerability. “I knew that morale is half the key to success in surviving in these times, and I needed to know that there were other pockets of civilization that were going to make it, too,” she said, adding, “I wanted to reach out and know where those pockets were going to be, and I wanted to encourage others to learn about this so that there would be others — and make it a place where I could learn skills from farmers and others who were Y2K born earlier than I.”

Where is Candace Turner Now?

Despite the fact Candance had once clearly stated the Turner family would be in a lot of trouble if Y2K didn’t arrive since they’d sold off all assets and social media presence, they have since recovered. The latter actually took some time off for herself before making use of the bikes by cheerily often asking her extended family for Sunday rides before seemingly letting them have it as gifts. In other words, she did her best with the circumstances thrown her way before rising up and getting back up on her feet again, not just for her husband but also their kids and grandkids.

Coming to Candace’s current standing, from what we can tell, she’s currently based in Sarcoxie, Missouri, surrounded by loved ones at every step of the way. She actually pursued a Master’s in business education from the Missouri State University (2005-2008) before evolving into a Technology Implementer at the Liberal School District, but alas her world shifted again on July 7, 2010. That was when her husband Lester Paul Turner sadly passed away as a retired Aurora teacher turned business owner, and now she’s carrying on his legacy by having done the same — the retired UnitedNetwork news anchor turned teacher is now the founder of Donor’s Offspring.

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