Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach: Everything We Know

Captain Harold Lee Rosbach has been in charge of mega yachts like “Honor,” “Ohana, “Eros,” “Valor,” and “My Seanna” for the past seven years on ‘Below Deck.’ The show’s viewers remember him as the only crew member who has been consistently appearing since the show’s inception. Bravo TV entrusted him again with mostly newbies in season 8, which premiered on November 2, 2020.

He has worked hard for over two decades and earned the title “Stud of the Sea” for his impeccable sense of leadership. As the veteran cast member is all set to return to his home-like Caribbean, with its blue waters and white sandy beaches, his fans have been eager to know all about him!

Captain Lee: Where is He From?

It is surprising to see someone born and brought up in the landlocked state of Michigan to have such a passion for the ocean. Captain Lee lived in Saginaw for the first 25 years of his life before moving to more tropical places on earth. Though his job as the commander of super-yachts takes him around the world, he gladly calls Fort Lauderdale, Florida, his permanent home.

Captain Lee’s Career

Long before he began his ride on the high sailing waters, Captain Lee was a restaurateur. He owned and managed eateries in Indiana, Georgia, Florida, and finally Turks and Caicos. He discovered his passion for the yachting industry in a complete stroke of luck. An acquaintance asked him to assist him as a mate on a sailboat delivery, and the businessman agreed in exchange for a few extra bucks. There was no looking back for him as, at the age of 35, Rosbach attained his Captain’s license and, thus, set out to pursue his heart’s calling.

Picture Credit: Bravo TV

The author of ‘Running Against the Tide: True Tales from the Stud of the Sea’ has been on the waters for more than 20 years. Philanthropic at heart, Captain Lee has also been contributing to the Marine Industry Cares Foundation, which helps local charities. Undoubtedly, the backbone of ‘Below Deck’ has continued his journey on the show through all its eight editions. With his admirable leadership and authority, Capt. Lee has truly been holding it all together.

Captain Lee’s Wife and Children

There is absolutely no chance of Captain Lee hooking up with any of his crew members as he has been married to his beautiful wife, Mary Anne, for almost 45 years. Though she was officially introduced to his viewers on season 5 of the popular American reality TV show, the two were acquainted with each other long before. They met through a mutual friend who introduced them on a night out. Interestingly, during their second meeting, which was a month later, the duo hit it off.

Capt. Lee and his wife are proud parents to four sons and a daughter. Fortunately, he is not only a dad but also a granddad. His granddaughter, Rosbach, graduated from college in May 2018. The reality TV star’s son, Sean, combined his love of cooking and yachting as he immersed himself in circumnavigation for a few years while working as a chef on a private yacht. The apple really does not fall far from the tree! The Rosbachs have lived blissfully, for the most part, all these years.

Unfortunately, they have also been through some terrible times. In July 2017, Capt. Lee shared with his fans via Twitter that he underwent surgery and even had to file for bankruptcy. But most tragic of everything that the parents faced together was losing their son, Joshua, to an accidental drug overdose in 2019. On Instagram, the heartbroken father shared the story of how his 42-year-old son passed away after fighting his addiction for over two decades.

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