Kerry Titheradge: Below Deck Adventure Star is a Proud Dad and a Dedicated Partner

Image Credit: Vincent Cerone/Bravo

Bravo’s reality TV series, ‘Below Deck Adventure’ is the fourth spin-off of the ‘Below Deck’ franchise that features the daily lives of the crew members who work and live on board the luxurious motor yacht, Mercury, as they lead their visitors on a new journey through the Norwegian Fjords. Bicycling, rock climbing, and parasailing are just a few of the exhilarating off-ship activities that the adventurous staff and passengers can enjoy.

The ‘Below Deck’ universe is not only known for its picturesque locations but also its in-house drama, mostly involving the yacht crew. As they engage with one another while also dealing with some highly affluent guests, an interesting mix of drama and entertainment is presented to viewers. This spin-off brings along the experienced Captain Kerry Titheradge on board to navigate the locations as well as the daily happenings in the yacht. As he has already intrigued numerous fans about his personal life, here’s what we found out about this skilled and experienced Captain!

Kerry Titheradge’s Early Life: Travelling Son of a Construction Worker

Born in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, Kerry Titheradge’s father was in the construction industry, which meant that the family traveled around the country while his mother worked as a hairdresser. Growing up alongside his sister in different towns such as Emerald, Capella, Longreach, Croydon, and Mt. Isa, he studied at various schools throughout. The family then settled in Townsville when he was 16, but that’s when Kerry left school in his 10th year and started working as an apprentice electrician. He later lost his job when the place shut down.

Kerry then worked at a gas station for some time while also starting a car wash business. He found his way into the sailing industry after coming across an ad for a deckhand job on a parasailing boat. After convincing the recruiters to give him the job by washing, drying, and polishing the boat, followed by cleaning its interiors and checking the engines, he secured the position. Kerry’s family then moved to the Sunshine Coast of Australia, but he stayed back.

Some of the different jobs Kerry worked at include working for water taxis and ferries, as a sailing instructor, dive boat captain and divemaster, water sports instructor, fishing captain, etc., all across the country. Kerry also studied at Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, while working in Tasmania. As of the present, he is likely in his mid to late 40s and enjoying life with his loved ones. Interestingly, Kerry loves to try out new outdoor adventure sports and cuisines and has a fascination for sports cars. He absolutely can’t stand bullies and is not a fan of olives.

Kerry Titheradge’s Profession

While Kerry kept working hard at his job, he went through a breakthrough in 2003 when he got a call from an Australian yacht owner. He realized he was offered a job as a yacht engineer in Sidney, British Columbia. Thus, he took the job and slowly made his way to work as a Captain of over 100 vessels to date. With nearly 30 years of expertise in the open ocean, comprising about decades of experience in the yachting industry, Kerry has cruised and navigated through various locations in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, east of the Maldives, the coast of Africa, as well as the Pacific Northwest.

With a plethora of experiences, the Australian native is now the owner and CEO of his boat and yacht service company, Yachting Concepts. It provides various services such as yacht delivery, yacht management, crew services and management, engine servicing, captain services, and so on. Kerry is also employed as a Captain for the superyacht named Casual Water.

As a Captain in the show, apart from cruising around, he also loved indulging in activities like paragliding, helicopter rides on top of mountains, horse riding even down a mountain, etc. Kerry is also enthusiastic about outdoor sports, classic and sports cars, new cuisines, and off-road adventures.

Kerry Titheradge’s Girlfriend and Kids

Kerry Titheradge has been in a relationship with the gorgeous Turkish-born Gönül Bihan for nearly three years. On being asked whether he’ll go down on his knees to pop the question to his “lovely lady” anytime soon, Kerry told Daily Mail Australia, ‘Yes, if she’ll says yes.” The couple is parents to the adorable children from Kerry’s previous relationship — a 13-year-old son and a daughter. They live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, along with their dog, Benny, where the kids attend school.

The Captain has a beautiful relationship with his family, and they all share the same adventurous spirit. They often travel to various places together, either on cruises or otherwise, visiting several scenic destinations. He also loves spending time with his children and partner whenever he’s home, especially during festivals. Thus, as Kerry goes from strength to strength, we wish him and his family more success and happiness in both his personal and professional life.

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