Kyle Dickard From Below Deck Adventure: All We Know About the Star

Image Credit: Vincent Cerone/Bravo

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Adventure’ is the fourth ‘Below Deck’ spin-off. The reality show is a fascinating series that showcases the everyday routines of a crew on a posh motor yacht as they accommodate the guests visiting exciting locations. The distinctive aspect of this edition is that the gutsy crew and passengers aboard the megayacht, Mercury, participate in adventurous off-ship sports such as parasailing, rock climbing, horseback riding, helicopter riding, and biking.

An important task of the professional crew onboard the luxury yacht is maintaining balanced personal and professional relationships while catering to the high demands of the guests. With cameras following them everywhere, the drama that ensues, as a result, is what keeps the audiences hooked. Kyle Dickard is one crew member who has quickly gained fame because of his personality in season 1. As viewers are eager to know more about the new deckhand onboard Mercury, here’s what we found out!

Kyle Dickard: A Texan on Deck

Born and brought up in Tyler, Texas, Kyle Dickard is, in his words, a quintessential cowboy. In his 20s, he celebrates his birthday on January 18 every year and has a flamboyant personality with big dreams of traveling the world. He hails from a supportive family but chooses to keep his personal life to himself. Thus, not much can be known about his family members. However, he is often seen to have amazing experiences with his several friends.

Likely in his late 20s, the free-spirited Texan native began his journey of pursuing his dreams at the age of 19. He left the Lone Star state and traveled to a number of places around the world. He discovered the world of yachting and the opportunity of beginning a career in the sailing industry when he was in Exuma, The Bahamas. Kyle is also a golfing and fishing enthusiast and indulges in these activities whenever he gets the chance.

Kyle Dickard’s Profession

Once Kyle discovered the career prospects in the yachting industry, he knew he found his natural fit. He began working on deck and has since gained more than five years of experience as a deckhand. His years of experience cruising on the sea have taken Kyle to numerous exciting destinations, such as Cuba, Phuket (Thailand), Miami (Florida), Toronto, Costa Rica, South Africa, etc. Not only did he make countless memories along the journey, but he has also met several legendary people such as UFC champion Colby Covington, comedian Jeff Ross, and rapper Iggy Azalea.

Now, as he joined the crew of Motoryacht Mercury on the show, he is more than prepared and excited to sail with larger boats and to new waters. Although his southern charm does the job of captivating his guests’ attention, sometimes his personality lands him into disagreements with his crew. In the show, he seems to often land into trouble because of his interpersonal conflicts and struggles in following team leadership. How he rises from these challenges, only time will tell.

Kyle Dickard’s Dating Life

While on the megayacht, Kyle Dickard and Chief Stew Faye Clarke, seemed to develop a mutual interest in one another. Some reports claim that Kyle even said he was single but a hopeless romantic and wished he could be with someone like Faye. However, after the completion of their season’s filming, the two have kept silent on the present status of their relationship.

Additionally, the fact that the two appear to have moved on from one another suggests that Kyle is currently single and content with his life. Moreover, he hasn’t disclosed any more information about his romantic relationships, and it seems that he prefers to keep things private. In any case, we only hope that the future holds more success and joy for Kyle.

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