Carl Hershman: Where is the Police Detective Now?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that believing people when they come forth to make serious allegations of sexual assault is arguably as healing for them as it is empowering. This much has actually been evidenced in Netflix’s ‘Victim/Suspect,’ especially as it carefully chronicles the prevalent pattern of young individuals being accused of false reporting by authorities. Amongst those to thus feature in this documentary to elucidate the same is Ret. Police Detective Carl Hershman — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Carl Hershman?

It was back when Carl was a young boy that he first developed a keen interest in law enforcement as well as sex crimes, just for it to soon evolve into an ambition to do his best for the victims. Unfortunately, though, this resolve of his stems from personal reasons — “unfortunate” because his sister was assaulted twice as a teen, and local officials essentially did nothing to help her out. “The first time, she was 13,” he candidly revealed in the Nancy Schwartzman-directed production. “She came home; my mom called the police, they did zero. They did not even take a report.”

Carl then added, “My sister got heavily into drugs, and a lot of it was from what happened to her. She became addicted, and then when she was 17 years old, she was raped by two males… Cops came out, did nothing. My sister just struggled for the rest of her life, and I know it came from that.” Therefore, once he got an opportunity to join the San Diego Police Department in 1986 upon completing his training, he was determined not to let any of his victims down, no matter the division he was working.

Carl admittedly spent the majority of his 32-year career in the Sex Crimes Unit, but before he landed his dream investigative position here, he worked several assignments in other units as well. These included Cyber Crimes, Elder Abuse, Homicide, and Special Investigations, helping him specialize in a variety of techniques related to the handling of suspects/perpetrators of any offense. It hence comes as no surprise he was able to work more than 1,300 sexual assault cases and establish the Sex Crimes Cold Case Unit in his decade in the division prior to his retirement in 2017.

Carl Hershman is Guiding Others as a Trainer Now

Even though Detective Carl retired six years ago, he has not stepped away from sex crime investigations; the only difference is he now serves in the role of a trainer/teacher/public speaker. The truth is he has since helped thousands of officials, prosecutors, military personnel, examiners, and advocates learn how to properly conduct themselves in intense situations around alleged victims. And he has done so by being a former instructor at the San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy as well as by operating his own consulting business near his base in San Diego, California; it is named Sexual Assault Investigations Training & Consulting.

As if that’s not enough, Carl is also on the training faculty for the government-run Institute of Criminal Investigations, is a member of the End Violence Against Women International Cadre of Experts, and is a member of the California Sexual Assault Investigators’ Association. This means he often serves as an expert in sex crimes investigations, false reporting cases, and the victimology of a sex crimes survivor as well, especially if the matter is taken to court and the jury requires testimony. Moreover, and more importantly, the proud family man is even doing presentations at local high schools, colleges, and universities at the moment, with the topic being acquaintance rape plus sexual assault by intoxication.

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