Carlos de Souza: UFO Witness Has Turned Into a Proud Family Man Now

Carlos de Souza

With ‘Moment of Contact‘ delving deep into the events surrounding the early 1996 alleged UFO incident in Varginha, Brazil, we get a true insight into the possible existence of extraterrestrials. After all, this James Fox documentary comprises not only archival footage and recreations but also first-hand witness accounts to really present us with the most compelling case on the matter yet. Amongst those to thus feature in this production to help navigate the same is Carlos de Souza — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him, we’ve got the essential details for you.

Who is Carlos de Souza?

If there are just a few words that can ever be used to describe southeastern Brazil native Carlos, they would surely have to be kind, caring, passionate, compassionate, as well as determined. That’s because he feels everything deeply and doesn’t ever shy away from expressing his emotions, his intentions, or his utter truth, all of which is evidenced in the mystical 2022 movie to a tee. We say “evidenced” as he utilizes this platform to share how he had allegedly witnessed a UFO crash into a field roughly six miles away from Varginha city on the morning of January 13, 1996.

The truth is Carlos did give a single exclusive interview regarding this sighting back in 1996 itself, but then he suddenly stepped away from the limelight for 26 years, that is, until the docu-film. As per his accounts, he was driving alone from São Paulo to Minas Gerais for an ultralight flight demonstration with some friends early on this fateful day when he noticed an object in the sky. He actually compares it to the size of a school minibus before describing its shape like a submarine, only to then concede white (not black) smoke was coming out of its rear as it unstably floated.

Carlos genuinely believed this craft was a regular airplane in desperate need of assistance at first, which is why he decided to follow it, just for the debris to suggest he was looking at a UFO. The pieces of metal on the crash site were like aluminum foil, he elucidates in the James Fox-directed original, yet they returned to their shape the moment he let go upon testing their crumple. Moreover, there were no signs of life anywhere nearby, that is, until the military quickly showed up and reportedly started screaming at him to “go away” while holding a rifle directly to his face.

The fact Carlos’ narrative from the get-go has always matched fellow witnesses despite them having never been in direct contact is just a small indication he might be telling his complete truth. However, this goes way beyond them all smelling “ammonia, like rotten eggs” near every alleged extraterrestrial aspect and giving identical descriptions of the craft with its shot at/damaged end. We should also mention that the amateur ultralight pilot was ordered by officials never to speak of this matter, but he no longer complies since he believes this story needs to finally come out.

Where is Carlos de Souza Now?

“Do you think I would be embarrassed for 26 years?” Carlos candidly stated in the production at one point to shatter the rumors concerning the witnesses concocting up their tales for personal or financial gain. “People, family members joking and making fun of me [for my claims]? I would never do that. What did I get out of this? Nothing. I’ve never made a dollar out of it. There is no advant age to be gained. If I say I made a cent, I’d be lying.” In other words, it appears as if despite his 1996 interview, his featured statements in a book by lawyer/ufologist Ubirajara Rodrigues, as well as his appearance in ‘Moment of Contact’ (2022), he hasn’t profited from the UFO sighting.

Coming to Carlos’ current standing, from what we can tell, he is a college professor and family man who prefers to keep his personal life well away from the limelight these days for safety purposes. Yet on the flip side, the Brazillian native has also started making a few public appearances recently to expand the reach of not just his account but also the Varginha UFO incident as a whole.

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