Carmen and Lupita: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Carmen and Lupita / YouTube

TLC specials have a narrative that can entice us in the stories of people and cases about which we never even thought that we needed to know about. Most recently, they have been keeping their focus on extraordinary people who lead extraordinary lives, they introduced us to Jyoti Amge, the World’s Smallest Woman, and then, they went ahead to tell us about Carmen and Lupita Andrade, in a special titled ‘Conjoined Twins: Inseparable.’

Who Are Carmen and Lupita?

Twins have a really close bond, no doubt about that, but Carmen and Lupita take that bond and closeness to a whole new level by being conjoined, being physically connected to each other all the way from their chest to their pelvis, where their spines connect. Born in 2000, in Mexico, the twins have defied all odds. When they were born, the doctors just gave them three days to live, but just last month, they celebrated their 20th birthday.

Sometimes, conjoined twins have the option to get separated by surgery, but other times, like in the case of Carmen and Lupita, having the surgery would mean possible death, brain or otherwise, for either one or both of them. Because of the massive risk involved, their parents, quite early on, opted to let them live together, joined at the hip, literally, so now, they navigate life as two people sharing one body.

Carmen and Lupita’s Medical Condition

The TLC Special is not the first time that they have shared their story, though, and we doubt that it would be the last, after all, the way they live life, even with all the struggles and problems, is commendable. Both girls have their own heart and lungs, two arms, and one leg each – Carmen’s is the right and Lupita’s the left – but that, unfortunately, doesn’t mean that medically they are fine.

In the mid-2010s, they were told that they would either have to undergo the separation surgery really soon or face massive medical consequences, especially because Lupita suffers from scoliosis and her lungs function at only 40%. As they share some ribs, a liver, their circulatory system, their digestive system, and their reproductive systems as well, the chances of them failing as they keep growing older also keep on increasing.

But, still, the twins continue to live life as normally as possible. Like their parents, they don’t want to risk anything, and because they have survived this way for so long together, they think that they can do it for longer. Medical problems or no, for them living together seems like a better option, and so, they refuse to be separated.

Carmen and Lupita’s Life

Even though Carmen and Lupita were born in Mexico, they moved to Connecticut with their family when they were just babies. Therefore, now, along with facing the struggles of being conjoined twins, they even have to contend with being immigrants in Donald Trump‘s America. However, even this hasn’t stopped them from pursuing their dreams, and so, like most people their age, they are now in college.

Along with spending their free time with their friends, like most girls, the twins also have a YouTube channel where they keep everyone updated about what goes on in their life. From Q&A’s to vlogs that shows us a day in their lives, their channel has it all. They have been featured in various other documentaries and specials as well, so, if you want to know more about them, you can always check those out. (Featured Image Credit: Carmen and Lupita / YouTube)

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