Where Are Carmen and Lupita Now?

Image Credit: Channel 4

TLC’s special ‘Conjoined Twins: Inseparable,’ is a part of their limited series where they introduce the world to some of the most extraordinary people in the world. Whether it be the world’s smallest woman or a pregnant male, or conjoined twins who refuse to be separated, the narrative that they bring us is as intriguing as it is entertaining. Actually, the Conjoined Twins, Carmen and Lupita Andrade have already shared their story a couple of time on various channels and documentaries across the globe, now it’s just TLC’s turn to show us their lives as they head off for college.

Who Are Carmen and Lupita Andrade?

Born in early June 2000 in Veracruz, Mexico, Carmen and Lupita were given just three days to live by the doctors. However, the defied all odds and continued to live day after day, so, when they were old enough to travel, the Andrade family moved to America, Connecticut to be specific, for better healthcare. Yes, conjoined twins can be separated via surgery but because there is a fatal risk involved in it, both the twins and their parents don’t want to take the gamble, and so, the two individuals go through life as one.

Fortunately, their condition is not so bad that it is left them immobile. Both girls have their own heart and lungs, two arms, and one leg each – Carmen’s is the right and Lupita’s the left – which helps them live life as normally as possible. Yes, they still have problems, and, of course, they struggle, but living this way is all that they have known, so it’s usual for them. Carmen and Lupita may have different personalities and goals, but their sisterly bond and their physical connection is one that they won’t let anybody break.

Where Are Carmen and Lupita Now?

Carmen and Lupita are living their lives in the best possible way. At 20, they are attending the Northwestern Connecticut Community College, where Carmen is majoring to be a Vet Technician. Although Lupita has admitted that she dreams about being a vet as well, we don’t know for sure what she is studying or how they manage their classes if they have chosen different subjects. What we do know, though, is that if anyone can make it work, it’s them. Remarkably, they are very open about themselves and their condition, and often, they even make jokes about it on their social media.

Carmen and Lupita even have a YouTube channel where they upload vlogs and Q&A videos which help us understand them better. Having learned how to walk and function together, they love playing the piano and doing handstands together. And, being normal girls, they also love to hang out with their friends and dressing up, a glimpse of which we can see in their videos. Their lives are interesting because of their condition, yes, but it’s their bubbly and open nature that draws our attention towards them the most. (Featured Image Credit: Channel 4)


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