Carol and Mark Capaldi: Lewis Capaldi’s Parents are His Biggest Supporters Today

Netflix’s ‘Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now’ is a captivating documentary film about the rising Scottish musician Lewis Capaldi. As the film follows the singer around, viewers get to know more about his life after his first taste of fame and just how much of a prominent role his loved ones play in his life. Two of the most significant people in Lewis’ life are his parents, Carol and Mark Capaldi, who not only make sure to keep their son grounded but also try their level best to be there for him when needed. Naturally, this has helped them gain much love and respect from the general public, who are quite eager to know about them and their current whereabouts.

Who Are Carol and Mark Capaldi?

Carol and Mark Capaldi are proud parents to four children whom they love with all their hearts. Their eldest son is called Warren Capaldi, and their only daughter is known as Danielle Capaldi. The two have another son named Anthony Capaldi, and the couple had decided after the three that Mark would be getting a vasectomy. However, they apparently did not go through the process at the appropriate time and soon welcomed Lewis into their family.

Mark Capaldi

Although a surprise, Mark admitted in the documentary that his youngest son was the piece they needed to make their family “whole.” While their children were growing up, Carol and Mark tried their level best to give their children the creative freedom they wanted, including how to learn to play various musical instruments. Initially based in Glasgow, Scotland, the family of six moved to Bathgate, Scotland, when Lewis was whole.

The house Lewis primarily grew up in was bought in 2005 at the cost of £220,000. The five-bedroom house in East Whitburn, Bathgate, is where Lewis started working on his music, and he has very fond memories of it. In the Netflix movie, we also get to know about Carol’s sister, Pat, who passed away due to suicide when her niece and nephews were quite young. This is a tragedy that still weighs heavily on Carol, who cannot help but look back and wonder if she could have done something differently. As Lewis started to perform in live shows across Scotland, Mark was happy to drive his son to and from the venues and was always happy to support his musical career.

Where Are Carol and Mark Capaldi Now?

Presently, Carol works as a nurse while Mark is a fishmonger. The couple is quite proud of all that their children have achieved to date and are always happy to share time with them. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when Lewis moved back in with them, the two tried to be there for him as much as possible, especially given the pressure that their youngest was under. Highly concerned about his anxiety and how much his shoulder tic seemed to pain him, they were among those who asked Lewis to take a break from his work and focus on his health. In fact, Carol had to help Lewis calm down during his panic attacks when the singer was under extreme stress. When not able to do so in person, she would remain on call with him for hours.

The house that the Capaldis had lived in since 2005 was put on sale for £395,000 shortly after Carol and Mark moved out of the property. With their son’s improving health and continued success, the two could not be more proud of him. As shared in the documentary movie, they often brag about his success, with Mark always happy to excitedly talk about how many followers Lewis has on Instagram (more than 6 million as of writing!).

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