What Happened to Carol and Dave From Hoarders?

‘Hoarders’ has become popular over the years by showing us people with the severe problem of letting things go. It might sound silly when written like this, but their living conditions are terrible, and they pose a risk to themselves and those around them. Houses are cluttered with all kinds of junk or paraphernalia collected from different places. Hoarding threatens to destroy lives, homes, and relationships, which is what happens with Carol and her husband, Dave. So, what happens to the couple?

Carol’s Hoarding

Carol and Dave have been married for a long time, and over two years, she has hoarded items. It puts Dave’s mansion in disarray. Finally, she leaves him to deal with all the junk, as well as his failing health. When the mansion faces the threat of being condemned, Dave’s family comes together to clean out the mess and confront Carol about her behavior.

Surprisingly, Carol starts with an accepting tone, saying that the house is beautiful but is in disarray due to her hoarding addiction. Dave pitches in, saying she brings a lot of things in, but nothing leaves. We see boxes of junk Carol has collected over the years. Soon, Carol changes her tune and mentions that she doesn’t care what her addiction does to anyone, even Dave.

Naturally, Dave’s daughter does not take too kindly to it, saying her father is a prisoner of someone else’s addiction. Dave also has a son, Kevin. His friends are surprised by the state of the home since they are used to seeing an immaculate residence. It is clear that some serious cleaning is needed. However, Carol is not up for the task.

As the cleaners start throwing away furniture, Carol gets confrontational. At one point, she even threatens to slap the face of the cleaners for touching her things. Both the cleaners and the mental health professional, have their work cut out. So, are they successful in turning Carol around? Well, they are successful in clearing out some of the trash. However, it is a long day for everyone since Carol is a constant thorn at the side. Luckily Dave’s family rallies around him.

Where Are Carol and Dave Now?

One feels sorry for Dave with his failing health, seeing he has to cope with his wife’s hoarding problem. Real change only comes from within, and ‘Hoarders’ proves that. Carol is initially unwilling to embrace change, or even acknowledge that her problem harms others around her. One would not hold out too much hope for Carol’s recovery. That said, the show offers therapy sessions, and if Carol decides to attend those, she does have a chance to address the underlying issue and kick the habit once and for all.

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