Carson Garrett From Survivor 44: All We Know About Him

Image Credit: Carson Garrett/Instagram

With ‘Survivor’ season 44 promising new thrills, excitement, and adventures, fans must be eager to meet the new personalities about to compete for glory. Hence, the interest of the viewers was immediately piqued when the show announced Carson Garrett as its youngest-ever contestant. Carson, a NASA enthusiast, described himself as a go-getter who has always been obsessed with ‘Survivor.’ Additionally, he believed he had what was needed to become the sole survivor. Well, let’s dive in and find out everything there is about Carson, shall we?

Carson Garrett’s Family and Background

The youngest contestant to ever appear on ‘Survivor,’ Carson Garrett was 20-years-old at the time of filming. A native of Rome, Georgia, Carson currently resides in Atlanta and prides himself on his logical and out-of-the-box thinking. Hailing from a caring and close-knit family, Carson remains grateful to his loved ones, especially his parents, who have encouraged him and pushed him toward chasing his dream. Additionally, his biggest inspiration in life is his great-grandfather, who grew up amidst extreme poverty but was determined to reach the top in the field of engineering.

Eventually, he was employed by the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center as the Chief Engineer, which paved the way for Carson’s obsession with everything related to NASA. Since Carson had a loving childhood and grew up alongside at least one other sibling, he realized the importance of a deep familial bond early in his life. Hence, to this day, he maintains a tight relationship with his parents and shares an adorable bond with his sister.

Additionally, Carson has a circle of close friends and loves posting the memories they make on social media. Although the free-spirited personality is the youngest contestant on ‘Survivor,’ he believes that age is just a number and is confident about his ability to go out and do the impossible. He also claimed that life taught him to adapt to any situation, a lesson that might come in handy during his journey on the survival reality show.

Carson Garrett’s Profession

Carson is obsessed with NASA and has dreamt of being a Space Engineer for as long as he can remember. Hence, encouraged by his loved ones, he took a step toward achieving his dream by joining NASA as an engineering student. The course Carson is pursuing has specialized semesters on several topics, including proposal writing and mission concept design. Additionally, the reality star mentioned that he managed a team of 10 students and collaborated with several brilliant minds across the country to come up with a formal engineering report.

Besides, Carson even received the National Student Volunteer Award in 2022 due to his work for the nonprofit organization Consult Your Community, during which he was also the President of the Georgia Tech chapter. At present, Carson works at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where he has been a part of the Artemis II mission and also got the opportunity to work on console alongside flight directors and controllers for the Artemis I mission.

Carson Garrett’s Dating Life

Carson has always been pretty private regarding his personal life and hasn’t revealed a lot of information about his dating history in public. Moreover, while he loves to keep his close ones and followers updated through regular posts on social media, he has never once mentioned having a romantic interest in anyone special. Carson is quite frank about the way he lives his life, and even his social media posts portray how he has built up a wonderful life surrounded by family and friends.

However, the absence of a romantic someone in his life is pretty apparent, and that, coupled with zero reports on the reality star’s love life, makes us believe he is currently single. However, with Carson immensely excited and enthusiastic about his work at NASA, we wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.

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