Cat Amazing Shark Tank Update: Where Is Cat Amazing Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Season 13 of ‘Shark Tank’ has turned out to be quite an exciting installment. Interestingly, there are a couple of ventures in the show’s thirteenth installment that revolve around pets. Apart from SwiftPaws, another such business is Cat Amazing, which exclusively produces interactive toys to mentally stimulate cats. Are you wondering what the status of Cat Amazing is? Well, here is everything we have gathered!

Cat Amazing: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Andrey Grigoryev is the founder and CEO of Pet Amazing, LLC, the company behind Cat Amazing. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in History from New York University in 2007, he went on to work for several companies. Andrey served as a Senior Software Instructor at New Horizons Computer Learning Center before moving on to become the Digital Services Director at Franklyn Healthcom. The New Jersey resident even worked with companies like Hertz and Conversocial.

All these experiences helped Andrey hone his marketing, digital operations, and customer experience skills, which came in handy when Cat Amazing began to take shape. Established in June 2011, the New Jersey-based venture came about as Andrey thought of designing a toy to keep his cat Mooky sharp and entertained. He built the prototype from scraps of cardboard and paper. Co-founder and CIO Natalie refined Andrey’s design, which is how the product Cat Amazing came to be.

The toys are specifically designed for cats, using colors that the felines see best – green, yellow, and purple. What’s more, as the furballs become sharper and more skilled, you can progressively increase the difficulty of the game. Cat Amazing is an environmentally conscious business and uses 100% recyclable and durable cardboard to make the toys. Moreover, the cardboards are printed using metal-free ink. Reasonably priced at $16.95, the Cat Amazing Classic Kit is one of several responsibly produced items the company makes.

Where Is Cat Amazing Now?

Apart from Cat Amazing’s official website, the products are available on Amazon and the pet-centric e-commerce site called Chewy. They appear to be doing very well in terms of sales, given that the Cat Amazing Classic Kit is often sold out. One of the solid reasons Cat Amazing is doing so well is because veterinarians have been recommending it. The toys mentally stimulate the felines and engage their natural instincts. It also keeps them physically fit as it slows down the eating process, thus enhancing digestion.

There is no doubt that Cat Amazing is dedicated to the welfare of cats, as the company also runs a shelter and rescue program. As a part of the initiative, they give away free toys to shelters and foster homes for the adorable creatures. Moreover, they educate new cat parents on how to look after their furry friends. So, we can say with confidence that the business has a bright future ahead.

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