Who Is Cathy Evans From Married At First Sight?

‘Married At First Sight’ is an incredibly unique reality dating series that has been around for quite some time now. You know the concept, right? Instead of dating, complete strangers are thrust into a married life with one another after being paired together by relationship experts, after which they must get to know each other to make their relationship work. They get to decide whether or not they want to stay together after going on their honeymoon and living with each other for a while.

In a way, this is the perfect opportunity for individuals to deal with their issues and reflect on why their previous relationships never worked out, and in the process, they may even find their true love. Hoping for the latter, Cathy Evans became a part of the series. Curious to know more all about her? Keep Scrolling!


Who Is Cathy Evans?

Having been unlucky in love on more than one occasion, Cathy has developed a thick skin. Trust has become a major issue for her, as two of her previous serious relationships ended when her boyfriend cheated on her. Plus, when you add on her dating history with the bodybuilders who used to shame her for her looks, it is no surprise that, as a coping mechanism, she has put up walls around her heart, ensuring that no one can get in easily.


Fiercely independent and confident in who she is now, Cathy is looking for a man who can look past all of her walls and glamour and see the down to earth person that she is. She wants a loyal and faithful man who won’t be distracted by what’s around him or look for more when he already has her. What she wants is a good guy with whom she can finally let her guard down and hopefully spend the rest of her life with.


Where Is Cathy Evans From?

Although Cathy is a New Zealand native living in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, she has her Welsh and Thai heritage to thank for her looks. Even though she has made a life for herself in Sydney, her family still lives back in New Zealand, where she was born and brought up. So, of course, she travels to her home country every now and again to meet them.

Cathy Evans’ Profession

The 26-year-old is a Logistics Investigator as well as a part-time makeup artist. She is extremely passionate about all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, which is evident from her Instagram profile, so she started to pursue a career in that field as well. Cathy has even created a YouTube channel to keep fans updated with what she is up to, so make sure that you check it out.



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