Who Is Josh Pihlak From Married At First Sight?

Instead of having individuals pick out their own partners and then dating on-and-off as is the case for most reality dating series, ‘Married At First Sight’ takes commitment on television to a whole new level. Relationship experts actually pair-up the contestants as per their past dating history and behaviors, following which they all meet at the altar to commit to one another.

The couples go on a honeymoon and spend time together as a married couple before they finally decide whether or not they want to stay with each other after the show. Each contestant who appears on the show is looking for love after being single for a long time, and Josh Pihlak is one of them.


Who Is Josh Pihlak?

Joshua Pihlak or Josh is one of the most fun-loving and amazing guys out there. Having an extremely active social life, he loved to be the life of the party, that is, until he put that before his partner and lost the one who could have been his soulmate. Although he is known for his partying ways, he is a serial monogamist and has had three long-term relationships since the age of 19.


Now that Josh is 28, he is finally ready to grow up and find someone with whom he can connect on a deeper level and potentially start a family with. He wants to let go of his past heartbreak and regret and open up his heart to share his sensitive side with a woman who would understand him and take care of him just like he would take care of her. Being a relationship guy, he hopes that his next one will last forever.


Where Is Josh Pihlak From?

Being a native of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, according to Josh’s Instagram profile, he currently resides in the city of Newcastle in New South Wales. From his social media, it’s also evident that he is extremely proud to be an Australian and loves the atmosphere and life that it has provided him.

What Does Josh Pihlak Do?

Josh work as an Industrial Operator as well as a truck driver. He is responsible for the smooth running of the industrial plant where he works and even gets to travel from one place to another by working as a truck driver. Josh is passionate about the things he cares about and is an all-round easy to get along guy.



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