Chad Faust to Direct Ballistic Next; Begins Filming in Sudbury in March

Image Credit:'s Hot Seat Interview/YouTube

Chad Faust is set to direct ‘Ballistic’ next. The shooting of the project will commence in Sudbury, Ontario, in March. The feature film revolves around a mother employed at an ammunition manufacturing company who discovers that she unknowingly made the bullet which was responsible for her own son’s death.

Faust is known for helming ‘Girl,’ a thriller film he wrote and which features Bella Thorne as the protagonist, a young woman referred to as Girl. In the thriller, upon returning to her hometown with the intent to kill her abusive father, “Girl” is surprised to find out that someone else has already committed the murder. The cast of the movie includes Faust himself, alongside Elizabeth Saunders, Mickey Rourke, Lanette Ware, and Glen Gould.

Faust also directed the short film ‘Oh God,’ depicting a priest who, feeling overlooked by God, abandons his quest for divine attention in a town seemingly concealed in the supreme power’s blind spot. He turns to a prostitute to share his haunted confession. In 2013, he helmed ‘Baby Bleed,’ portraying a high-noon duel between two lovers fueled more by birth than death. As a screenwriter, he co-wrote Brett Simon’s action comedy ‘Better Start Running,’ in which he also starred as Dale Hankey.

Faust is an experienced actor. In addition to playing Tommy in ‘Watercolor Postcards’ and embodying the character Harrison Moore in the TV series ‘Lone Star,’ he took on the role of Charlie Monahan in the TV series ‘Motive.’ The filmmaker is recognized for his performance as Kyle Baldwin in the science fiction TV series ‘The 4400’ as well.

Sudbury, the principal location of the movie, is prominently featured in Hulu’s sitcom ‘Letterkenny‘ and its spin-off ‘Shoresy.’ It’s worth noting that Faust’s previous work, ‘Girl,’ was also filmed in Sudbury.

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