Chara, Patrick and Noble From Seeking Brother Husband: Everything We Know

TLC’s ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ is a reality series that gives us a look into the lives of four polyandrous couples as they each try to expand their families by bringing in new husbands. The couples and trios experience many changes as they attempt to change their preexisting boundaries and make life-altering decisions along the way. Season 1 of the show introduced the throuple — Chara, Patrick, and Noble — that hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Chara and Patrick have been married for 13 years; however, Chara also shares a romantic relationship with a handsome feminine empowerment coach, Noble Ward.

Though their relationship seems great to the audience, they have their own ups and downs. Now Chara is ready to be a mother, but she faces difficulty in making the decision about choosing her baby daddy. Will it be Patrick, Noble, or a third person? If you are eager to know more about this interesting throuple, we’ve got you covered!

Chara, Patrick and Noble’s Background

Though Chara, Patrick, and Noble might be unconventional when it comes to their relationship, they are quite talented in their own way. Chara Chenille completed her degree in Graduate Gemologist (GG) from the Gemological Institute of America and is now working full-time as a Gemologist. She is responsible for identifying, grading, and appraising gemstones. Noble Ward has been a popular Feminine Empowerment Coach for over five years with a lot of experience in helping women make the right choices in relationships. 

Noble’s company Noble Relating is a PLA certified Coach for women, which the entrepreneur founded to help women feel empowered in their relationships and attract the right partner. He also talks about the same in his eponymous podcast, ‘Noble Relating.’ Not much is known about Patrick, as he is a private person who keeps off social media.

Chara, Patrick, and Noble’s Journey Together

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Chara, Patrick, and Noble is an unconventional throuple who leads a relationship out of the “normal” standards of society. Chara Chenille and her husband Patrick had been married for 13 years. Despite having frequent arguments, their emotional bond is strong enough to sustain their relationship. Many a time, we feel that we need not continue staying in a relationship for the sake of the time spent together and the memories made. However, instead of filing for divorce, the two felt their love for each other could conquer everything. 

Despite the bickering, they tried to solve things between themselves. However, Chara is not very satisfied with the physical connection she has with Patrick and feels that her needs are not being met. In this situation, Noble Ward, Chara’s second partner, came to the rescue by meeting her physical needs. While Noble prefers leading a bachelor lifestyle without the conventions of a stereotypical relationship, he undoubtedly loves Chara and is in an open relationship with her. Chara, on the other hand, wants her dream relationship by combining the strengths of both her men.

On the show, Noble made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want to be pinned down in a relationship and prefers to have an open relationship with his partners. Patrick, however, is disturbed and believes that he is being replaced, as well as that he and his wife have become estranged. Noble added that things had grown a little awkward and that navigating the changes in their relationship was becoming more difficult. The throuple have challenging conversations about their comfort levels.

Additionally, they must contend with the standards of society and the opinions of their families. This has put all three in a situation where choices become more and more difficult. Now, Chara is ready to embrace motherhood. Despite having a great sex life with Noble, her emotional attachment to Patrick has made her question herself about wisely choosing her baby daddy. Whatever decision she makes might affect the relationship, but we hope their relationship works out fine and wish the lovers the very best in their future endeavors. 

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