Elisa and Mike From Seeking Brother Husband: All We Know About the Duo

TLC’s ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ is a reality show that follows the lives of four polyandrous couples who are in search of an additional partner for the wife. Season 1 features Elisa Janelle Alpizar and Mike Onorato, a duo from Los Angeles, California, who even has a podcast titled ‘Poly+Amor=Us.’ Elisa is an actor and creative at heart who practices spirituality. Even though not much is known about Mike’s profession, he is seemingly employed and continues to support his wife, who is seeking a new partnership.

Mike admittedly feels “jealous” about the whole ordeal but is willing to give it a try to keep their relationship intact. As outsiders, some people might not empathize with the two and appreciate their ideas. However, if you’ve taken an interest in the couple, who’ve been together for eight years and are eager to know how it all began, we’ve got you covered!

Elisa and Mike: How Did They Meet?

Elisa and Mike became inseparable the first time they met at the Lightning in a Bottle festival on a random Saturday. Oblivious to the fact that they were about to meet their partner, the two were enjoying themselves at the event, which Elisa attended with her best friend, Amanda Ayres. Flume, an artist, was about to start his set when Elisa noticed that Amanda was conversing with Mike. Elisa was drawn to him and decided to seize the perfect opportunity and strike up a conversation; however, by the time she reached the two, the set had already begun, and she couldn’t introduce herself.


They stood next to each other throughout the whole performance but were too nervous about making a move. Amanda could read her best friend like the back of her hand and knew she was interested in Mike. She urged Elisa and pushed her toward Mike, who saved her from falling just in time. He asked if she was okay, and the two got along, dancing together throughout the show under the purple lights. Mike initiated the kiss, and Elisa described it as “pure magic.”


After being together for around three years, the duo tied the knot at a beach wedding in September 2018. Over the years, the pair has been subjected to several ups and downs in their relationship. Let’s traverse their journey as a couple to understand what led them to ‘Seeking Brother Husband.’

Elisa and Mike’s Journey from Monogamy to Polyamory Amidst Challenges

Elisa and Mike have been together for nearly eight years now. Though they are quite busy individuals, the couple spends their entire day together, just being in each other’s company and doing nothing whenever they have the chance. In 2020, they moved to the Hollywood region of Los Angeles, California, to pursue their dreams and an ideal lifestyle. The two motivate and push each other forward in the best possible ways, as true soulmates would.

However, Elisa had struggles with commitment, so the couple agreed to open their relationship and be polyamorous. During a confessional, Elisa admitted to cheating on Mike just a few years into their relationship, even when the duo was happy. She was intensely drawn toward someone, and they had a strong connection, which wooed her, and led to adultery. According to her, it was the most difficult time in their relationship because she couldn’t figure out why she was attracted to someone else, despite her marriage being picture-perfect.

At that point, Elisa wasn’t aware of another possibility that they have considered now, i.e., to be in a relationship with Mike while still appreciating her romantic dynamics with a third person. Infidelity posed a problem to their relationship, and if they had to stay together, a choice had to be made. Per Mike, it was a “rocky path” and quite difficult for him to go through that phase of acceptance, so he had to read books related to psychology and relationships to be more accepting of the idea.

Interestingly, Elisa’s friends and family members are fully supportive of her and Mike’s decision and wish them the best. Talking about it, she said, “My friends are all like, ‘Do whatever makes you happy — as long as everybody is happy, that’s all that matters.’ …My dad likes to joke, ‘This is not a new thing — back in the ’70s, people were doing this all the time!’ ” For now, the pair is content being pet parents and hasn’t revealed anything about wanting children. Perhaps they want to solve the problem at hand first and seek a viable partner for Elisa to experience a connection with and see where their relationship goes.

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