Is Seeking Brother Husband Scripted or Real?

TLC’s ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ is a reality series that provides a unique perspective on polygamy. Like ‘Seeking Sister Wife,’ the show features people in polyandrous relationships. Each one of the showcased couples and trio comprises a woman and her multiple male partners as they navigate the ups and downs of their lives. The lifestyle chosen by them is far from conventional and often raises eyebrows. This has also led many people to doubt the show’s authenticity and wonder whether or not the events in the series are scripted. Luckily we are here to explore the same!

Is Seeking Brother Husband Fake or Real?

No, we do not believe ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ is scripted. The show seems to follow real-life people who are either already in a polyandrous relationship or are looking forward to exploring the concept. Similar to ‘Seeking Sister Wife,’ there are specific legal issues regarding polygamy, as the practice is illegal in the US. Thus, all members of the couples/trios/groups featured in the show are not legally bound by marriage, though their hearts and actions indicate otherwise.

Multiple elements within the show have made it an object of public skepticism. Not unlike ‘Seeking Sister Wife,’ people have raised concerns over the double standards that show seems to perpetuate when it comes to relationships since only one spouse is allowed to have multiple partners. That said, it does seem like the people within the show are more than happy with the arrangement though the path is not always easy.

For example, season 1’s Elisa and Mike‘s path to polyandry started with the former cheating on her partner. The infidelity was hard for the two to navigate, but they ultimately reached an agreement. “I had to ask myself questions: Do I want to stay with her to pursue multiple partners? Or do I want to break up with her?” Mike shared. “I decided to stay with her and just grow from there.” Hence, the newlyweds sought a brother husband, though Mike seemed uncomfortable with the concept.

However, not everyone has similar reasons for participating in this lifestyle.”We discussed it[polyandry] for a number of years,” Carl shared with Entertainment Tonight while talking about his marriage to his wife, Kenya. “I finally came to the knowledge and understanding about feminine, you know, expression and realize that you have to allow women to be free and express themselves, and as a man, I’m here to support her in doing that.”

According to Carl, he is far suited to match Kenya’s philosophical side, whereas his brother husband Tiger meshes well with her when it comes to emotional and physical needs. The latter became a part of this relationship ten years before their television debut though he did not seem to find the idea of another brother husband very appealing. Needless to say, navigating a polyandrous lifestyle is far from easy, even for those who have been practicing it for several years.

Featuring real-life relationship partners from across the US, the show does not seem to be entirely scripted. While it is understandable that viewers might not get to witness the complete story of their favorite reality TV  stars, it does not seem like the circumstances themselves have been scripted simply for entertainment. Though the show certainly breaks the norms of what one might consider conventional, it also provides a glimpse into a way of life that is not often seen due to the negative connotations people often attach to such relationships.

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