Cherie DeVille: Where is the Porn Performer Now?

If there is only one word we can ever use to describe ‘Money Shot: The Pornhub Story,’ it would have to be muddled owing to the way it explores both the good and the bad of the adult industry. After all, it details how sex work can often be not just incredibly empowering as well as positive but also a direct opening into the heinous world of illicit sexual abuse, trafficking, and exploitation. Amongst those to thus feature in this Netflix original to help navigate the former part of the same was Cherie DeVille — so now, if you’re curious to learn more about her, we have got you covered.

Who is Cherie DeVille?

Although born in Durham, North Carolina, on August 30, 1978, Cherie primarily grew up around the Washington area alongside her seemingly loving, supportive French-Canadian descent family. The truth is she was merely 16 when she first began working (albeit as a local lifeguard), and she never really stopped because providing for herself has always been extremely important to her. In fact, apart from her interest in the field, this is one of the reasons she pursued a Doctorate in Physiotherapy before evolving into a professional, that is, until she chose to switch gears in 2010.

Cherie (real name Carolyn Paparozzi) was simply bored with her routine when she decided to dip her toes in eroticism through nude modeling, only to then find herself being invited for porn shoots. She actually admittedly agreed without much persuasion since she’d always been pretty wild, a flirt, as well as an exhibitionist, resulting in her feeling quite comfortable at every step of the way. The physical therapist hence evolved into a full-time explicit performer at the age of 33 in 2011, by which point she’d already derived her name from musician Cherie Ann Currie of The Runaways.

Cherie did lesbian scenes only at the start of her journey as an adult entertainer, but she gradually expanded into straight porn once she felt comfortable enough with her collaborating studios. Though the reason behind this was her personal preference alone — it wasn’t a fetish or something concocted behind the scenes, it is just that she’s bisexual yet mostly favors women as partners. So with her level of ease increasing over the years, it comes as no surprise she has featured in well over 400 erotic movies as of writing, most of which can be found on tube sites such as Pornhub.

Cherie DeVille is Still Performing

Since Cherie never shies away from speaking her mind when it comes to the successes and scandals of the industry she’s a proud part of, she often writes about them for different publications. In fact, her most recent piece (dated March 11, 2023) was for Rolling Stone, where she essentially elucidated why she agreed to appear in the Netflix production on the controversial Pornhub. She even penned, “‘Money Shot’ wasn’t perfect, but… it will further dent the false narrative about the porn industry. For that reason, I’m ultimately grateful I spoke in Money Shot. And I won’t stop speaking up.”

Cherie also wrote, “Personally, I do not care about Pornhub. I can’t be pressed to care about a streaming porn site because I don’t make the bulk of my money there. No one website is my bread and butter. If Pornhub goes under, seven thousand other tube sites will pop up. Who cares about a tube site? The problem is that the war on Pornhub is a proxy war to take down the entire legal sex work industry.”

Coming to her current standing, from what we can tell, Cherie continues to serve as a porn performer, but she is exclusively either working with Brazzers Studio or creating her own content. “The internet’s stepmom” thus has a VIP OnlyFans, a free OnlyFans, a Fansly, plus standard yet quite explicit accounts on Instagram, YouTube, as well as TikTok to expand her reach. We should even mention that the former physiotherapist is reportedly married to a man named Michael, who often acts as her photographer, making it clear he’ll support her through thick and thin.

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