Is Cheryl Smolley Based on Antwone Fisher’s Real Girlfriend? Did He Marry Her?

Image Credit: LaNette Canister Fisher/Instagram

Life partners often play a profound role in shaping the course and vision of an individual’s life, offering support and encouragement on the journey to self-discovery. In the 2002 movie ‘Antwone Fisher,’ the transformative power of love and family is vividly portrayed when Antwone (Derek Luke), meets his future wife, Cheryl Smolley. It is for Cheryl and their budding family that Antwone finds the strength to confront his past, seeking closure and resilience in the face of past traumas. With Denzel Washington at the helm, the on-screen story prompts curiosity about the real Antwone Fisher and whether a similar love story unfolded in his life. Let us explore the authenticity behind the character and the real-life dynamics of Antwone Fisher’s personal life and how it has transpired.

The Real-Life Wife of Antwone Fisher

In the cinematic portrayal of Antwone Fisher’s life, the movie depicts a significant chapter where Fisher, during his time in the Navy, meets Cheryl Smolley, sparking a transformative connection. While this love story is a powerful element in the film, reality offers a slightly different narrative. In truth, Fisher did meet a woman during his Navy days, but her name was LaNette Canister, not Cheryl Smolley. LaNette, a Navy medical technician, and Antwone experienced an instant and profound connection, leading to the commencement of their romantic journey.

Antwone Fisher candidly revealed in his book that, given the turbulence of his childhood, he initially harbored doubts about the prospect of becoming a father or starting a family. However, a shift occurred when he crossed paths with LaNette. Encountering a profound sense of security and support in their relationship, Fisher began to believe that, with LaNette by his side, they could surmount any challenges and create a nurturing home for themselves and their future children. Despite this newfound optimism, Fisher recognized the importance of finding inner peace before embarking on the journey of parenthood.

Fisher understood that a foundation of personal healing would be essential for fostering a healthy and resilient family life. Supported by LaNette, he embarked on a journey to revisit his tumultuous past, seeking the answers he longed for. With LaNette’s unwavering backing, Fisher confronted the challenges of healing and faced the hardships that came with the process. Despite the arduous nature of his journey, LaNette exhibited remarkable patience and steadfastness, standing by Fisher’s side as he navigated the complexities of his past. Their enduring bond and shared commitment to each other’s growth culminated in marriage in 1996, marking a poignant milestone in their journey together.

Antwone Fisher and LaNette Canister are in Their 27th Year of Marriage

Antwone Fisher and LaNette created a beautiful family, welcoming two daughters into their lives. Their first daughter, Indigo, now 25, arrived soon after their marriage, followed by Azure, now 21, four years later. The couple dedicated themselves to cultivating a nurturing and loving home for their children in Los Angeles, striving to provide them with everything within their capacity. Fisher, driven by the desire to offer his kids a different upbringing than his own, sought to fill their lives with the care and support he longed for in his own childhood. Talking about his wife and children, he said, “A lot of being a parent is kind of common sense.”

Fisher added, “If you love your kids, you work hard to take care of them and give your kids everything that you can give them — love and everything they would need in a childhood. You just treat your wife and your children the way you want to be treated. You want to be treated with respect.” Now, after 27 years of marriage, the couple remains a steadfast unit, frequently sharing pictures of their enduring bond. Recently, their younger daughter, Azure, graduated summa cum laude, a moment of immense pride for LaNette. The family’s close-knit dynamic is evident, with LaNette not only enjoying a strong bond with both daughters but also relishing the role of a dedicated cook, savoring life’s moments and making the most of each day.

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