Cho Min-ji: Where is the Single’s Inferno Contestant Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno‘ following a group of young, flirty Koreans as they try to find love on a deserted island despite a few restrictions, we get a reality dating series unlike any other. After all, it not only prioritizes sincere connections but also brings into focus the aspects that truly matter in any relationship — active efforts, communication, compromise, and vulnerability. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about this original’s latest installment’s (season 3’s) midway-mark newcomer bombshell Cho Min-ji, we’ve got every necessary detail for you.

Who is Cho Min-ji?

From the moment Min-ji first came across our screens in episode 5, she made it clear she’s confident, independent, plus unafraid to stir things up by going after any man she became interested in. “My charms? I’m cute, positive, and I have a nice butt,” this Yeouido native candidly said. “I was blessed with good genes… When I put on makeup and get dressed up, there’s at least one guy who tries to hit on me… I decided to join the show in hopes of meeting someone truly amazing who will blow my mind. There must be a reason why I’m joining this show at the halfway mark.”

Min-ji then cheekily concluded her introduction with, “Let me make an acrostic poem with my initials: Min-ji is here to captivate you. Jiggle over my way.” This unwavering self-conviction of hers, combined with her quick wit as well as bubbly personality honestly made her quite popular, but she was initially only attracted to Choi Min-woo and Lee Jin-seok. The truth is these men either calmed her nerves, made her feel comfortable, or had her laughing during their welcome one-on-one dates, which is why she chose them both for Paradise without any hesitation.

Though little did Min-ji know this would create a bit of an issue since there was a mutual bond between Jin-seok and An Min-Young, just for the former to waiver a little under her adorable charm. However, everything changed once she found herself in a casual conversation with Lee Gwan-hee a day later because that led to their budding connection — she was his fourth potential partner in mere days. Yet this discussion had such an influence on him he ended up picking her for a Paradise date shortly thereafter, driving them to click on an even deeper level.

That’s when Min-ji decided Gwan-hee was it for her — she knew for a fact he was still contemplating between her and Choi Hye-seon, but she was confident in her abilities and what she had to offer. Regardless, the last two days twisted everything for the worse due to miscommunication as well as his indecisiveness, ultimately leading to a few key moments of realization plus broken hearts. In the end, he decided to follow his heart and pick Hye-seon as his final partner since he knew she would always be running in the back of his mind, even if he’d gone with Min-ji.

Where is Cho Min-ji Now?

Although Min-ji didn’t get the conclusion she wanted, she held her head high because she admittedly gave this experiment everything she had and didn’t regret it one bit — it just didn’t work out in her favor. Coming to her current standing, from what we can tell, it appears as if this 26-year-old Economics Major at the prestigious Ewha Womans University in Seoul is still working to establish herself as a news anchor. She’s actually hopeful about landing a stable job almost immediately following graduation, especially with the additional help of private speech lessons as well as scriptwriting practice; plus, her stint in ‘Single’s Inferno’ has already begun opening many entertainment-based doors for her.

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