Single’s Inferno Season 3: Which Couples Are Still Together? Where is the Cast Now?

While there’s no denying dating is not easy in any way, shape, or form, it is honestly a lot more complex for those doing so in front of cameras due to the added unsaid pressure of making things work. This much has actually been quite evident in various reality shows over the years, including ‘Are You the One?,’ ‘Down for Love,’ ‘Love is Blind,’ ‘Rea(l)ove,’ ‘Terrace House,’ as well as ‘Single’s Inferno.’ So now that even season 3 of the latter has landed on our screens in its entirety, let’s just find out whether this pressure really works or not by uncovering precisely what its cast is up to today, shall we?

Lee Gwan-hee and Choi Hye-seon Seem to be Together

Although Gwan-hee wasn’t every viewer’s cup of tea, he was incredibly popular in Inferno not only because of his good looks, witty humor, and vibrant demeanor but also his bafflingly sincere charm. It thus comes as no surprise nobody could call him a player despite him changing his mind about his potential partners almost every moment — he was interested in 4 women in a mere nine days. He genuinely felt most attracted to the person expressing their feelings towards him at the moment, all the while playing into his many hypotheses, but Hye-seon was constantly in the back of his senses.

Hence, of course, when it came time for professional basketball athlete Gwan-hee to finally make a decision, he followed his heart and picked bioinformatics student Hye-seon without any hesitation. As for where they stand now, neither this 36-year-old Changwon LG Sakers shooting guard nor this 26-year-old Silicon Valley startup intern have explicitly made their relationship status public. However, their recent posts on social media platforms, along with their mutual likes plus subtle comments, do indicate they’ve managed to maintain a good, positive, and maybe even romantic bond to this day.

Yu Si-eun and Choi Min-woo Could Still be Involved

Si-eun and Min-woo have honestly set a precedent by being the first couple in ‘Single’s Inferno’ history to end up walking out of the finale hand in hand without ever stepping into Paradise together. The truth is the former went twice with Son Won-ik and Park Min-kyu, respectively, whereas the latter partnered up with Cho Min-ji plus Kim Gyu-ri, yet it was never their own choice — they were picked. This duo wanted to choose one another, but they simply never got an opportunity to do so, driving them to make Inferno their Paradise upon realizing even their restricted conversations were enough on Day 7.

The fact Min-woo then expressed his decision to potential partner Gyu-ri without wasting any time, just for Si-eun to express her trust despite their talk taking too long, only strengthened them further. So yes, they unwaveringly selected one another in the end, and from what we can tell, both this 27-year-old freelance model as well as the 23-year-old professional model seem to be perfectly content with their lives at the moment. Neither has made their personal standing clear as of writing, but they could very well merely be keeping their relationship on the down low for stability, considering their recent rise in the public eye. We’re truly rooting for them.

An Min-young and Lee Jin-seok Are Likely Attached Even Today

Jin-seok was practically hooked on Min-young from the very beginning, yet their journey was far from the smooth ride we’d expected, owing to the latter’s initial hesitancy and indecisiveness. He’d made it clear he was not interested in anyone else or playing games, but once she indicated she was a bit curious about others and felt trapped since they assumed she was taken, he started holding back. Little did she know she’d soon come to regret this decision as midway newcomer Cho Min-ji immediately took a liking to the humourous hunk and even whisked him away to Paradise without any notice.

That’s when Min-young’s heart grew fonder, unaware Jin-seok was liking this bombshell’s charm too — but fortunately, things worked out in their favor as the latter fell for Gwan-hee shortly after. He also came to the understanding his first pick was the one for him, albeit he held a minor grudge to annoy her until the end, not because of her pause but her quick turnaround when he wavered. Like the other couples, this 26-year-old pilates studio director as well as instructor and 31-year-old businessman are keeping their connection private at the moment, yet they do still seem to be together — in the post above, in the second slide, Min-young has her hand on Jin-seok shoulder, which could be an indication.

Kim Gyu-ri and Park Min-Kyu Appear Happy

Though Min-Kyu was perfectly transparent about his attraction to Gyu-ri from the get-go, the truth is she had a bit of trouble immediately sticking to him following Paradise on Day 2 as she was curious about others too. Nevertheless, he remained loyal at every step of the way, only developing close personal friendships with a couple of his female contestants, which worked out really well for him in the end.

In other words, they both chose one another as their final partners, and it appears as if they remain on good terms to this day — even if they actually prefer to keep details of their attachment well away from the limelight. However, through their online presence, it’s clear that no matter what the case may be, this 28-year-old professional model and the 34-year-old Coast Guard Police Officer are content at the moment.

Yun Ha-bin is a Professional Actor

While it’s true Ha-bin went from the most popular male in Inferno to the least popular within mere days owing to his shyness, this 31-year-old’s real life is much different than expected. After all, he’s a professional actor currently focusing on independent films while also dedicating a good chunk of his time to the gym every week for both his physical as well as mental fitness. We say this because exercise can be therapeutic, plus it enables this animal lover to find a comfort zone outside of his home and work life — it kind of urges the public figure to come out of his shell.

Yun Ha-jeong is Still Thriving

Despite getting her heart broken by Gwan-hee and failing to form a romantic connection with Ha-bin, Ha-jeong does not regret a single moment of her stint in ‘Single’s Inferno’ because she gave it her all. This 26-year-old thus holds her head high as she continues to serve in the clothing/fashion industry, albeit not in the manner you might expect. She’s not a boutique owner, influencer, or model; she’s simply an office worker for a medical company making scrubs, hospital gowns, etc. Her role here reportedly comprises placing purchase orders, offering customer service, overseeing manufactured products, doing quality inspections, plus much more.

Son Won-ik is a Realtor and Public Figure

Won-ik was admittedly all in for Yu Si-eun, but it just didn’t work out since her bond with Choi Min-woo was way too strong despite him having been the one to have gone to Paradise with her. Regardless, like Ha-jeong, he doesn’t lament making his feelings known one bit, and he’s now back to work as a thriving real estate agent who hangs his license at a reputed luxurious market-focused brokerage. Moreover, his online presence indicates he’s an extremely athletic and avid marathon runner with a public Instagram as well as YouTube channel, all of which combined could mean he’s an aspiring fitness-lifestyle influencer too.

Cho Min-ji is Still Aspiring to be a News Anchor

Min-ji may be attending the prestigious Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea, as an Economics Major as of writing, but her goal is admittedly to establish a career as a news anchor. Hence, at age 26, she’s actively pursuing her dreams through any means necessary, starting with preparing for it by practicing script writing and undertaking private speech lessons. This youngster actually hopes to land a stable job immediately following her graduation, and if we’re being honest, her stint in ‘Single’s Inferno’ has already begun opening many entertainment-based doors for her.

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