Love is Blind Season 5: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

The idea of love, marriage, and what it takes to make the two work has long been a topic of huge wonder. Are we doomed to the inevitability of heartbreak, or is there some way that can be used to determine one’s best future spouse should one desire to have one? Among the various reality shows that have tried to answer the same, few have enjoyed as much public attention as Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind.’ The show’s fifth season aired quite recently and featured several highly intriguing individuals whose journeys we could not help but follow with bated breath, no matter the outcome of their love lives. Naturally, fans of the show are curious about where the primary cast members are these days, and we are here to answer the same!

Where Are Lydia Arleen and James “Milton” Johnson IV Now?

We are starting off with Lydia Arleen and James “Milton” Johnson IV, who have the honor of being the only couple from the fifth iteration of the Netflix dating show to have gotten married. As of writing, the two have not shared any details about their marital status, though the fact that they do not follow each other on Instagram might not be the best sign. Presently, Lydia, who also goes by the name Lydia Arleen, is working as a Project Geologist for Roux, having obtained the position in August 2023.

As for her personal life, it seems like Lydia is doing quite well and is enjoying life to the fullest. That said, she has been quite firm about not taking any negative comments about her character following her actions on the same. Given the complicated love triangle that she was a part of alongside Uche Okoroha and Aaliyah Cosby, there was certainly no shortage of comments directed toward her regarding her perceived role in the whole situation. Meanwhile, Milton is seemingly thriving in his role as a Petroleum Engineer and has continued to live his life while enjoying his interests.

Where Are Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder Now?

Up next, we have Isamel “Izzy” Zapata and Stacy Snyder, the only other on-screen couple who made it to the altar. However, while the groom was more than happy to get married and even said “yes,” Stacy decided to say “no,” leading to the two not getting married. That said, the two continue to follow each other on social media and are often complimentary towards their on-screen partners in the comment section, making many wonder if the two might have resumed their relationship and are still going strong.

As of writing, Izzy seemingly continues to work in the world of sales. He recently appeared on Nick Viall’s podcast, “The Viall Files,” to talk about his on-screen experience and the drama behind the scenes. Just like him, Stacy lives in Houston, Texas, and is thriving both professionally and personally. She is the proud Creator of The Closet Audit, serves as a freelance makeup artist, and is a Pilates Instructor for Method Pilates.

Where Are Jared “JP” Pierce and Taylor Rue Now?

Let’s now talk about Jared “JP” Pierce and Taylor Rue, the couple who broke up well before they even got back to Houston, having decided to end the engagement during their Mexico trip. That said, it seems like the two may have been able to mend their bridges and have seemingly come to terms with their past, though there seems to be no indication that they have rekindled their relationship.

JP is a proud Firefighter for the Houston Fire Department, likely based at station 28. When not working hard, he likes spending time with his friends and family, whom he seems to hold close to his heart. As for Taylor, the reality TV star is a school teacher who seems to take much joy from her role as an educator. Both reality TV stars have been more than open about their situation, with Taylor recently doubling down on her decision and JP only hoping to get clarity about what exactly he did that led to their engagement being broken.

Where Are Johnie Maraist and Chris Fox Now?

Despite their far-from-ideal ending in the pods, Johnie Maraist and Christopher “Chris” Fox did try to give their relationship another go after the initial part of the season and even appeared midway through this particular installment of the social experiment, stating that they were in a relationship. However, given that neither party follows the other on Instagram and their online interaction is almost non-existent, there is a chance that the two might have decided to go on their separate paths, this time for the good.

Presently, Johnie serves as a Corporate Transaction Lawyer for the Latham and Watkins LLP and is a proud part of a team with over 200 members. Additionally, she is a certified personal trainer who enjoys spending her time in the gym in order to maintain her desired fitness standards. On the other hand, Chris is the Commercial and Retail Development Project Manager for UWS Developers, having joined the company in 2021. He also has a Texas Real Estate Sales Agent Licence, having obtained it in May 2021.

Where is Uche Okoroha Now?

Uche Okoroha may not have gotten engaged in the pods, but his complicated relationships with several of the cast members certainly helped him gain the attention of the world. As of writing, he is seemingly single and enjoying life to the fullest. A lawyer by profession, the reality TV star also serves as the CEO of TaxRobot and Parachor Consulting. Thanks to his determination and efforts, Uche is eligible to practice law in both Texas and Maryland. Based in Houston, he enjoys spending time with his adorable dog Kobe when trying to relax.

Where is Aaliyah Cosby Now?

Given her seemingly strong connection with Uche Okoroha in the pods, fans of the show were quite disheartened when Aaliyah Cosby decided to walk out from the show. However, many in the public have continued to show her their support, claiming that her situation in the show was certainly without any precedent. Though she did clear up certain things with Uche regarding the complicated situation they had found themselves in, it does not seem like they decided to rekindle their romance. Though an ICU Travel Nurse, Aaliyah is also active as a musician and shared a glimpse into her ongoing project, Chapter Genesis, in September 2023. She has partnered with Just Breathe Studios for her musical debut, and her fans are eager to see what she will do next.

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