Aaliyah Cosby: Where is the Love is Blind Contestant Now?

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is a beloved reality show created by Chris Coelen that has been entertaining the public for a very long time. Given just how much the series has received each season, it is no wonder that fans are always eager to know what their favorites are up to. Consider season 5’s Aaliyah Cosby, whose on-screen journey was full of various turns and twists. Naturally, people are quite curious about her current whereabouts, and we are here to explore the same!

Aaliyah Cosby’s Love is Blind Journey

Entering the fifth season of the beloved Netflix dating series, Aaliyah Cosby was eager to find her partner. It did not take her long to create a special bond with Uche Okoroha. However, the two hit their first roadblock while talking about cheating in relationships when Aaliyah shared that she had indeed cheated on her ex, and the event in question only happened about two years ago. Shocked by the information, Uche asked Aaliyah if she had ever revealed this to her then-partner, to which she refused.

By the time Uche could gather his thoughts completely, Aaliyah had left the pods, devastated by how he had reacted to the information. However, she was consoled by Lydia Gonzalez, who firmly stated that if Uche could not understand her complete story, then he was not the man for her. The next time Aaliyah was in the pods, she explained the intricacies of her situation and how his reaction had made her feel. Uche apologized and confessed that his own history might have prompted him to react the way that he did, claiming that he thought it was a good thing that she had been so honest with him.

Slowly but surely, Aaliyah and Uche rebuilt their relationship, and it did seem like they would make the distance. However, Uche then revealed that he had actually met one of his former partners in the pods, and he and his ex had instantly recognized each other. Learning that Uche’s ex was none other than Lydia was hard on Aaliyah, given how much she valued her friendship with the other woman.

Aaliyah then talked to Lydia, who confirmed the information. While it did not seem like the fact had bothered Aaliyah much initially, Lydia’s sharing of information regarding Uche put her off, making her feel like not everything might have been over between them. The fact that the two had slept together only a few months ago also blindsided Aaliyah, who confronted Uche about the same. While he claimed that there was nothing going on between him and Lydia and he was not interested in pursuing a connection with her, Aaliyah was still unsure what to do. Ultimately, she decided to quit the experiment midway through.

She did agree to meet Uche for a lunch date later on, during which they hashed everything out between them for good, but it still didn’t work out when they tried to date after their stint in the show. That’s because, in Aaliyah’s own words during the reunion special, “He’d mentioned to a few people… that I wasn’t the kind of woman he normally found attractive. And just based off of everything I had experienced, I just didn’t feel like I wanted to chase a relationship with anyone. I know my worth as a woman… And his tone with me was still so very mean and kind of condescending… That’s not even the person that I felt like I talked to in the pods.”

Aaliyah Cosby is Making Music Now

As of writing, Aaliyah Cosby seems to be thriving in her life. Though she is an ICU Travel Nurse by profession, the reality TV star is also involved in the world of music. In fact, she is a talented songwriter and singer who has started to make impressive strides in the field. In early September 2023, she shared a glimpse of the Chapter Genesis musical project she has been working on in collaboration with Just Breathe Studios. Though arguably the best-unexpected outcome from her passion for music has been the fact that she met her now extremely loving boyfriend on an R&B cruise roughly a year prior — he treats her like a queen, and she’s happier than she’s ever been at the moment.


Given Aaliyah’s dedication and talent, her fans are certainly excited to see how her music will turn out. When not working hard, the Netflix star enjoys spending time with her friends and family, all of whom seem quite supportive of Aaliyah, no matter what path she chooses. She also makes use of social media to share motivational content. We wish Aaliyah the best for her future and hope that her dreams will come true.

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