Johnie: Where is the Love is Blind Contestant Now?

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ has been entertaining the public since its very first season. Created by Chris Coelen, the dating series has enchanted the world with its unique concept and everlasting drama. The recently released season 5 of the show featured Johnie Maraist, a beautiful woman who felt like this social experiment might just be what she needed to break the pattern of her past romantic woes. As such, people are quite curious about her current whereabouts, and we are here to explore the same!

Johnie Maraist’s Love is Blind Journey

For Johnie Maraist, the Netflix reality show was of much importance as she was frustrated with her unfortunate history when it came to love. Hence, getting to form an emotional connection with a person in order to have a relationship certainly appealed to her. In fact, it was not long before Johnie found herself bonding with two different men, Christopher “Chris” Fox and Izzy Zapata. However, given just how different her connection with each one of them was, she had some tough choices to make.

As time went by, Johnie’s struggle when it came to making a definitive decision only increased. Her chemistry with Chris was something she had apparently never felt before, and she admitted that it was quite deep and meaningful. However, she also admitted that meeting with Izzy was enough to make her heart flutter, and she always felt like a young girl with a crush when she was around him. As such, her final decision was a hard one, but she ultimately decided to break things off with Chris.

However, Izzy himself had been torn between Johnie and Stacy Snyder and expressed to the former that he felt like he was leaning toward the latter. This devastated Johnie, who claimed that perhaps Izzy was “scared” of the vulnerability and realism that she brought into his life. She also felt remorse that she might have let go of someone who genuinely cared about her. As such, she once again went into the pods with Chris in hopes of rekindling her connection. However, Chris was torn about being with someone who did not consider him her first choice.

Where is Johnie Maraist Now?

The truth is Johnie and Chris did begin dating shortly after their time in the pods came to an end, only to later endure quite a bit of drama at a barbeque party with Izzy and Stacy. However, despite the latter vigorously backing her back then, the couple parted ways mere weeks later — it turns out he cheated; he found a new girl, felt a connection, and chose to pursue that before properly breaking things off with Johnie. Though, it’s imperative to note she isn’t too heartbroken about it because she has since found herself a nice, loving man who appreciates her for exactly who she is — they’ve been together for around a year.

Presently, Johnie is an accomplished lawyer based in Houston, Texas. The University of Houston alumna is presently a part of the Latham and Watkins LLP, which comprises over 200 team members, with the reality TV star working as a Corporate Transaction Lawyer. Johnie is also quite a fitness enthusiast and is actually a certified personal trainer. When not working hard, she enjoys the company of her friends. We wish her the best in her future endeavors and hope to see her gain even more happiness.

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