Chris Fox: Where is the Love is Blind Contestant Today?

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Netflix

Created by Chris Coelen, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is one show that fans of reality TV simply cannot miss out on. The recently released season 5 of the show featured some highly intriguing participants whose time during the social experiment was certainly far from conventional. Consider Christopher “Chris” Fox, whose path to finding love through the dating show was certainly not easy but has certainly helped him earn many admirers.

Chris Fox’s Love is Blind Journey

Coming into the Netflix reality show, Christopher “Chris” Fox was determined to find a person who would truly understand him. His search for the same soon saw him forming a connection with the beautiful Johnie Maraist. In fact, owing to how comfortable he felt around her, Chris even delved deep into his heart and opened up about his traumatic experience in regards to his first sexual experience when a girl had allegedly forced herself on him, despite his constant refusals and inebriated state.

However, Johnie was confused between two different men, stating that while her connection with Chrsi was a deep and meaningful one, talking to Izzy Zapata made her feel like she had a “crush.” On the other hand, Chris felt like Johnie might be the only one for him and was not considering anyone else to be his future partner. Hence, when Johnie decided to break things off with him as she had decided to prioritize her connection with Izzy, Chris was heartbroken, and it did not seem like he was interested in pursuing anyone else.

In a surprising twist, Izzy himself was confused between Johnie and Stacy Snyder and decided to concentrate more on the latter. This left Johnie confused as she felt like Izzy was scared of being “real” with her and wondered if she had made the wrong choice by letting go of someone who seemed to genuinely care about her. Hence, she requested another conversation with Chris, apologizing for not choosing him and wondering if they could resume their connection. However, Chris felt like he did not want to be someone whose first choice was not him, leaving him to wonder whether or not he should get together with Johnie.

Chris Fox is Focusing on His Career Today

As of writing, Christopher “Chris” Fox is based in the Greater Houston Area of Texas. Since January 2021, he has been working as a Project Manager of Commercial and Retail Development for UWS Developers. Prior to that, he was working as a Bar Manager for 115 Bar and Lounge, having gained the position in October 2019. He worked as a Sales Intern for Twin Eagle in 2015 from the month of April to August. Chris also earned his Texas Real Estate Sales Agent Licence in May 2021, making him eligible to work as an agent in the real estate industry of Texas.

The truth is Chris did start to seriously date Johnie shortly after their time in the pods came to an end, only to later endure quite a bit of drama at a barbeque party with Izzy and Stacy. Nevertheless, he didn’t waiver in backing his girlfriend for even a second, which is why it came as a complete surprise once it came out in the reunion special that he cheated on her mere weeks later. He’d met someone new and felt an undeniable spark, so he decided to pursue her without properly breaking things off with Johnie — though he doesn’t entirely regret it because he found love in this new woman. In fact, while he continues to work on himself to be more honest, she’s now his live-in girlfriend.

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