Single’s Inferno Season 3 Cast: Who Are They?

While there’s no denying the world of dating is extremely complex, it’s also unlike any other considering the way it connects different individuals through a sense of authenticity and vulnerability. It thus comes as no surprise productions like Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno‘ that champion these aspects have been all the rage in recent years, enabling them to release one installment after another. So now that season 3 of this incredible reality series has also debuted on our screens, let’s just delve deep into its primary cast members (contestants) and find out more about them, shall we?

Kim Gyu-ri is a Professional Model

Not to be confused with the South Korean actress with the exact same stage name (best known for ‘Portrait of a Beauty),’ Gyu-ri is unsurprisingly a 28-year-old fashion as well as a beauty model. We say unsurprisingly because the truth is she is as gorgeous as they come, and she knows it, which is even evidenced during her introduction in the show without making her come across as cocky. As for why this Seoul native decided to partake in this experience in the first place despite being rather popular with the opposite gender, she’d reached a point where she seriously only wanted someone who made her heart flutter.

Choi Hye-seon is More Than Just a Student

Quite like season 2’s neuroscientist turned reality television star Nadine Lee, Hye-seon has the combination of beauty and brains at the young age of 26, which she is obviously quite proud of. After all, she’s currently a bioinformatics student in Life Sciences at the renowned Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, all the while also attending a course from England’s Durham University. We should even mention that she recently completed a biomedical science internship at Seoul National University, only to follow it up by landing a remote internship for a start-up in Silicon Valley.

Choi Min-woo is a True Public Figure

While the particulars of Min-woo’s personal life are unclear as of writing, his online presence gives us a deep insight into his professional one by making it clear he doesn’t hold a traditional office job. In fact, from what we can tell through some of his tagged posts, shared uploads, and individual aesthetic, the 24-year-old is a fashion, fitness, beauty model with a background in both print plus video. He may admittedly be introverted, with a preference for bubblier, older, more outgoing, vibrant women, yet it does seem like he’s pretty comfortable in front of rolling cameras in every way, shape, and form.

Lee Jin-seok is an Entrepreneur Through and Through

Although Jin-seok does have the look of a personal trainer or professional bodybuilder with this muscular physique — rivaling season 2’s Dex’s — the 31-year-old Daegu native is a proud businessman. He actually owns-operates three bakeries/cafes in his local area, where he’s willingly in charge of daily functions such as brewing coffee, making the confections, and serving customers too. It’s undeniably clear he loves what he does, so it’s no shock he stepped into this original in the hopes of finding a partner that’ll fit into his lifestyle while also expanding his own horizons to her world.

An Min-young is a Fitness Enthusiast in More Ways Than One

While it’s true Min-young is currently a Seoul-based pilates studio director as well as an instructor, this 26-year-old really undersold herself while revealing some details because she’s also much more. In fact, it appears as if apart from managing offers and one-on-one sessions with clients in the studio, she’s also a part-time model, an avid golfer, plus Miss Korea Busab 2023. In other words, she’s essentially a pageant girl, a local public figure/influencer/celebrity, and an unwavering fitness plus beauty enthusiast considering her line of work and the brands or products she promotes.

Lee Gwan-hee is a Professional Basketball Athlete

Despite the fact Gwan-hee is 36 at the moment, he serves as an active shooting guard for the Changwon LG Sakers, which makes it clear he’s paid a lot of attention to his health over the years. We say this because the South Gyeongsang Province resident has been playing pro basketball for over a decade, and he’s still in great shape – this makes us believe he can play for a few more years too. It’s also imperative to note that right now, whenever this athlete is not on the court training or playing matches, he’s carefully expanding his brand as a YouTube vlogger/streamer with a loyal following of his own.

Yun Ha-bin is an Actor

With a seemingly quiet personality that makes him keep to himself most of the time, Ha-bin stepped foot into Inferno in the hopes of finding true love through a sheer emotional connection. He described his eyes as his best feature before conceding he wished to shake things up in this reality series. Yet, the truth is he initially stayed in his shell because he just didn’t get a comfortable opportunity to shine, and so we couldn’t grasp anything about his age, interests, or profession either. However, we have since found his Instagram account, but even that’s rather bare and only specifies he’s an actor, so unfortunately, that’s all we know as of writing.

Yun Ha-jeong is a Corporate Employee

At the age of 26, Ha-jeong is a part of the clothing industry, as you might expect after simply looking at her easy yet graceful beauty as well as style, but it’s actually in a much different manner. We say this because instead of being a fashion model, a boutique owner, or an influencer of sorts, she’s an office worker for a medical clothing company, meaning scrubs, hospital gowns, etc. Coming to this rising public figure’s exact professional responsibilities, from what we can tell, they comprise not only customer service but also placing purchase orders, overseeing manufactured products, plus doing quality inspections, and more.

Park Min-kyu is a Coast Guard Officer

Although Min-kyu did dream of being a professional swimmer once upon a time, he had to let it all go following a career-ending injury in high school while he was gradually preparing to break all bounds. Therefore, in his apparent quest to remain close to the waters, the now 34-year-old eventually evolved into a police officer with the Korea Coast Guard Special Rescue Team – in other words, he’s a first responder. Whenever there’s an accident or incident in the waters off Korea’s coast, his team is the one to rush there, provide aid, as well as investigate precisely what went wrong and why, making it a job he’s incredibly proud of.

Son Won-ik is a Realtor Turned Public Figure

If we’re being honest, we don’t know much regarding Won-ik’s personal standing as of writing considering his preference not to reveal too much or be too direct while in the limelight. However, we do know the 31-year-old is a thriving real estate agent — his focus is likely the luxurious markets, plus he apparently hangs his license at a reputed brokerage — and he has a rather significant online presence too. In fact, his Instagram profile actually indicates he’s pretty athletic as an avid marathon runner as well as possibly an aspiring or rising fitness-fashion model. He even has a YouTube channel, all of which combined definitely implies he’s already well on his way to becoming an influencer/public figure.

Yu Si-eun is a Pageant Queen Turned Public Star

Then we have Yu Si-eun, who is unmistakably an extremely well-known face in South Korea thanks to her rise to the top in the local pageantry world back in 2022. We say this because she actually won Miss Korea that year, which she followed by establishing a YouTube channel, evolving as a freelance model, making several public appearances, and even throwing the first pitch at a baseball game. At the age of 27, her 71k+ Instagram followers are also proof of her significance.

Cho Min-ji Has Big Anchoring Aspirations

Last but definitely not least, we have Cho Min-ji. The truth is she may be an Economics Major at the prestigious Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea as of writing, but her goal is actually to establish a career as a news anchor. Therefore, at the age of 26, she’s preparing and actively pursuing her dreams in every way imaginable – she hopes that with her script writing practices as well as private speech lessons, she can land a job right in front of the cameras as soon as she graduates, and we’re genuinely rooting for her.

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