Kim “Dex” Jin-Young: The Single’s Inferno Star is Currently Single

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that South Korean public figure Kim Jin-Young (better known as Dex) has essentially evolved into a global household name in the last few years. That’s because he has had stints in shows such as not only ‘Bloody Game’ plus ‘Love & Joy’ but also ‘Single’s Inferno 2’ as well as ‘Zombieverse,’ all of which prove him to be a quiet, quirky charmer. So now that this former military personnel turned reality star has even evolved into a presenter with ‘Single’s Inferno‘ season 3 — let’s just find out a bit more about his personal experiences, shall we?

Dex’s Past Relationships

Although Dex has been in the public eye since at least the late 2010s, he has never once opened up regarding any of his affinities that we didn’t already see play out on our screens because he’s shy. He may have a rather stereotypical “bad boy” look with his black clothing collection, love for motorcycles, plus tribal tattoos running down his left arm, yet he’s actually incredibly kind, caring, and attentive. It thus comes as no surprise he has openly conceded he wants to settle down one day soon, hopefully with someone very active considering he often likes to dabble in various high-intensity activities.

“I’m very shy at first,” Dex had candidly expressed while he was a contestant on ‘Single’s Inferno’ season 2, “but once we get to know each other, I think I’m someone you can have fun with.” And it’s definitely true, as evidenced during his ensuing cozy Paradise date with Shin Seul-Ki, all the while, Lee Nadine, Lim Min-Su, as well as Park Se-Jeong, were also vying for his attention. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to note that there have since been rumors indicating he connected with Nadine on a deeper level after the show, yet they both vehemently maintain they are just close friends.

Is Dex Dating Anyone Right Now?

There were recently a lot of rumors swirling around YouTuber and Kthd Studio media executive Dex regarding his possible involvement with singer-actress Kwon Eun-bi, but none of them were true. In fact, the latter herself came forward to assert they are “just good friends,” yet she can see how people might get the wrong idea since he does have a rather flirtatious nature in general. She actually quipped, “I saw he went on another variety show and was flirting [with other guests]… so I always tell him, ‘That’s what’s wrong with you’, but I think that he’s just flirty by nature.”

Moreover, in a November 2023 interview, Dex implied to Netflix’s Tudum that he’s completely single at the moment. Upon being asked whether he’s been actively dating since his season of ‘Single’s Inferno’ wrapped, he replied, “I think the first question should be: Do you have anyone to go on a date with? To be honest, I don’t think I’ll change my dating patterns much even after going on the show. I think I’ll still take my time getting to know my potential partner. One thing is for sure — I definitely learned that the opposite party won’t know anything if I don’t express myself.”

Dex concluded, “If there is someone I want to hold onto, I will try to be more proactive in expressing my interest compared to when I was on the show.” As for his advice to anyone navigating the world of love, he said, “The most important thing would be to not lose yourself. I hope everyone is true to themselves, which is the most confident and cool way to appeal to their love interest rather than being someone you’re not. I wish everyone the best of luck!” So, it genuinely appears as if even though Dex has kept the door for a relationship wide open, he’s not particularly involved with anyone as of writing and is thus simply focusing on his career.

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