Zombies of Zombieverse: Key Characteristics, Explained

Created by Park Jin-kyung, Netflix’s ‘Zombieverse‘ is sure to keep you glued to the edge of your seats. The Korean reality show is set in a world where the city of Seoul and its surrounding areas are plagued by zombies. As the show goes on, the survivors slowly learn more and more about these undead beings, increasing their survival chances. So what essentials must you know when dealing with the zombies from this universe? Well, here is everything that will help you should you find yourself in a similar situation!

The Zombies React to Noise and Movement

One of the first things that we get to know about zombies is that they are sensitive to sound and often move where the noise comes from. The sounds that attract the attention of these beings can be caused via movement or anything that you might throw around to create a distraction. That said, screaming while trying to run away from the zombies is counterproductive, as they tend only to help the undead move toward you. Any sudden movement in the vicinity of the undead also captures their attention.

The Zombies Do Not Seem to Possess a Good Sight

While the auditory skills of the zombies do seem to be quite good, they do not seem to be visually active. If one can move around without creating any sound, it is certainly easy not to become the center of attention of these undead beings. So, if you are trapped in a car in the dark, chances are that the zombies will not even notice you as they will not be able to see in your vehicle.

The Zombies Often Travel in Straight Lines

For all intents and purposes, the zombies seem to prefer straight paths and do not seem to understand the idea of navigating around something. This particular trait was something that the survivors did try to exploit in season 1 when they were stuck in a parking lot though they did seem to underestimate the strength of the undead.

A Zombie’s Bite or Scratch Can Infect the Living

As one might garner from simply looking at zombies, they were once living humans. So, how does one get converted into an undead being? Well, it seems like the strain that turns humans into a zombie is contagious and can be transferred through bite marks or scratches. Essentially, if a zombie’s attack breaks your skin, the chances are that you might have begun your transformation into an undead, though the speed of it does vary depending on the severity of the injury.

The Zombies Do Not Attack Those Who Are Already Infected

Curiously, the zombies do not seem inclined to attack those who may already be inflicted with the virus, no matter how minimally. At various points in the show, we saw infected people like Park Na-rae and Kkwachu Hyung complete crucial tasks without being attacked by zombies after they were scratched once. While getting infected is certainly an inevitable sign that you, too, will become a zombie, you could certainly help others in order to increase their chances of remaining in the living world.

You Can Confuse the Zombies Using Blood, But Not For Long

This particular discovery was certainly made by accident in the Netflix show, but it certainly has its uses. When Jonathan Yiombi was covered with the blood of one of the already dead corpses found by the group, the zombies were conflicted about whether or not he was someone to be attacked. However, the confusion did not seem to last long. As such, if one has to use this tactic, it might be better to keep track of time and be as quick as possible with whatever it is that you have set out to do.

Eye Colors Change When Turning Into a Zombie

Once you get infected but are still alive, there are physical signs to watch to see how far along you might be with your transformation into a zombie. One of the most evident signs is the changing eye colors as the redness in your eyes increases. However, after a certain point, the color white starts to dominate as your corneas and the rest of the eyes start turning milky, and you begin to lose your vision. Other signs of turning into a zombie include bulging veins, paleness, and loss of coherence when nearing complete transformation.

Those Who Become Zombies Gain Immense Strength

As it turns out, a transformed zombie is almost always stronger than their time as a human. This is something that reporter Kim Sal-man shared with the survivors in the first season after rescuing them. This means that, to defeat a zombie, one must play smart and not hard, as using brute strength is almost never the answer. Evasive maneuvers might just be your best friend against those who are now zombies and are coming at you with their full and impressive strength.

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