Park Na-rae: Where is Zombieverse Participant Now?

Created by Park Jin-kyung, Netflix’s ‘Zombieverse‘ combines the concepts of reality TV and zombie apocalypse in a way you have never seen before. What truly makes this Korean series entertaining is its entertaining cast, which keeps us glued to the screen, all the while hoping for them to come out on top of any conflicts that they come across. Perhaps one of the most intriguing participants was none other than Park Na-rae, who, despite the various hurdles and a not-so-happy ending, created a truly lasting impression.

Park Na-rae’s Zombieverse Journey

At the start of her ‘Zombieverse’ adventure, Park Na-rae met up with Ro Hong-chul, Lee Si-young, DinDin (Lim Cheol), and Fukutomi Tsuki as one of the prospective judges for a fictional reality show called ‘Love Hunters.’ Of course, the zombie attacks that started during this particular situation led her on an unforgettable journey. One must remember that Park was, at the time, recovering from a real-life ACL surgery, which ended up severely affecting the on-screen events.

When the cast was trying to run away from the initial outbreak, they ended up having to stop at a gas station, where the survivors not only learned much about how the zombies behaved but also got to know each other better. However, at this time, Park does develop a bit of a rivalry with Ro Hong-chul. When the group inevitably took shelter at a supermarket and met up with the rest of the survivors (Kkwachu Hyung, Dex/Kim Jin-young, Jonathan Yiombi, Patricia Yiombi, and Yoo Hee-kwan), things really kicked off.

Given that Park’s leg injury severely hampered her mobility, it was decided that she would be secured in between two shopping carts and be partnered with Jonathan in order to garner supplies. However, the plan went sideways, leading Jonathan to run away, and Park was stuck between multiple zombies. In order to help her out, Yoo Hee-kwan tried to distract the zombies but was “killed” in the process.

For the next phase of the journey, the survivors were stuck in a parking lot where they had to find a suitable vehicle to get out of the zombi-infested area. However, the group soon realized that they had to use a forklift to move cars. While Park knew some basics of how to operate a forklift, her leg injury prevented her from doing so. Hence, she and Ro Hong-chul paired up, with the latter stating that he would do exactly as Park told him to.

However, when the distractions created by other cast members failed, the zombies attacked Park and Ro, with the latter pushing the former into the zombies. Whether or not this was intentional did not matter, as the undead scratched both Park and Kkwachu Hyung. Soon enough, the group escaped, primarily because the zombies were not at all interested in the two they had already infected, helping everyone escape.

Despite the fact that Park and Hyung had helped clear a path for them, the others treated them warily due to the inevitable transformation they would undergo, soon becoming zombies themselves. This particular pattern of behavior continued to frustrate both of the scratched individuals as they were asked to sleep in different rooms and were even made fun of. As the journey continued and the group went from one place to another, Park and Hyung slowly started exhibiting more signs of becoming zombies.

When the group of survivors was stuck in various Ferris Wheel cabins while awaiting a rescue boat, Park and Hyung realized that they would likely not be technically alive by then as they started to lose their eyesight. Full of regrets about how her life had gone until that point, Park decided that she would at least enact one act of revenge, either against Ro Hong-chul or DinDin, both of whom had frustrated her immensely throughout the journey. Ultimately, Park locked herself in a Ferris Wheel cabin with Ro, waiting for her transformation so that she could also infect him.

Park Na-rae is Thriving as an Actress Today

A highly talented artist, Park Na-rae continues to impress the public with her acting and comedy skills. As of writing, she is a cast member for shows like ‘I Live Alone,’ ‘Comedy Big League,’ ‘DoReMi Market,’ ‘Sound of Grazing Grass,’ and ‘Saturday Meals Love.’ In fact, she won an MBC Entertainment Award in 2022 for her work in ‘I Live Alone’ for Best Couple. Interestingly, her performance in the previously mentioned show and her work in ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’helped her secure the Entertainer of the Year award from MBC Entertainment Awards in 2021 and 2022.

That being said, Park is part of numerous other projects, including ‘Taste of Dating’ and ‘ My Mad Beauty 3.’ Presently, she is 37 years of age and is seemingly single, a fact she heavily bemoaned in the Netflix show, stating that she had even frozen her eggs in case she finds a match for herself. Her fans will be glad to know that the star seems to have made a good recovery from her leg injury after her cruciate ligament was ruptured sometime in August 2022. We wish the Park and her loved ones the best in her life and look forward to seeing her in even more entertainment projects.

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