Where Are Chris and Tina From Win the Wilderness Now?

Win the Wilderness‘ is one of the most unique and interesting reality TV series in the last few years. This Netflix original revolves around six couples who wish to start a new life, away from the city and in the middle of nowhere. The couples compete with one another in various tasks in an attempt to prove themselves and woo the homeowners of the property they wish to claim their own.

Duane and Rena Ose, owners of Ose Mountain and a beautiful three-story house, made from scratch, are looking for a couple with whom they can leave their home and legacy. So, deciding who wins is not only crucial but life-changing for both of these couples. One of the six couples competing in the show are Chris and Tina.

Even though they are a sales manager and an industrial designer by profession, Chris Cullen, 30 and Tina Perkins, 29 are world travelers. In fact, the British couple met eight years ago in California, in a summer camp where they were both working, during one of their travels. Throughout their relationship, they have been to 35 countries together.

When they were asked about their experience on the show by TVTimes magazine, they said: “There was a competitive side, but it never reared its head in an ugly way. It was weird how well everyone got on – probably because we all crave similar lives.”


Are Chris and Tina Still Together?

The runner-ups of the reality show seem to still be happily together and pursuing their dreams of traveling the world. ‘Win the Wilderness’ did a really good job in testing the relationships between couples, and Chris and Tina managed to come out on top of it. Not only did all their differences come to light, but the series also showcased just how well they worked together despite that. Their personalities and opposite nature created the perfect balance for their relationship to work, and we’re glad that they’re still going strong.

Where Are Chris and Tina Now?

On the show, the couple admitted that although all of their friends were getting married and settling down, they still wanted to travel and have more adventures together while still having a base, which is why Ose Mountain seemed like the perfect place.


Every day that they spent in Alaska made them fall in love with the place more and more. Towards the end, they were ready to call it their home, but unfortunately, they didn’t win. When explaining their reasoning behind not choosing them, Rena Ose said: “You’re very young. You guys are free-spirited, and I don’t think it’s your time to put down roots yet. You need to build a future.”

And that’s exactly what they did. Chris and Tina have created 2anoo, their traveling website, that is a combination of all their experiences, passions, and journeys in life. 2anoo literally means “to a new.” They also have a few travel essential products on their website along with a blog. Their theory is, “We’re not running away… we’re sprinting 2anoo way of thinking & 2anoo way of living!”

Currently, the couple appears to be in Queensland, Australia, living in an RV bus and having new adventures every single day. You can check out their Instagram page to be updated with everything that is going on in their lives.


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