Christian Fritz: Tammy Fritz’s Son Now Has a Family of His Own

It was June 18, 2001, when Christian Fitz’s entire world began turning upside down as he lost his father to a mysterious case of strep throat, just to then feel as if his mother abandoned him too. The truth is this was to such an extent he came to believe the sole family consistently, physically there for him, was his father’s army veteran friend James “Bo” Bowden, only for Tammy Fritz to try to kill him. Though as explored in Netflix’s ‘Worst Roommate Ever: Burning the House Down,’ this mother of one didn’t do so alone — after a few failed attempts, she’d enlisted the help of Sean Lagoe and Michelle Heaston.

Christian Fritz’s Early Years Weren’t Easy

While Christian vividly remembers leading a comfortable, happy life in Fort Carson, Colorado, while his father was serving in the army, things changed mere months after he got out of active duty in April/May 2001. That’s because Richard Fritz Jr. sadly passed a day ahead of Father’s Day following a short bout with an illness professionally diagnosed as strep throat — he was even on prescribed antibiotics for it. “I remember giving him a homemade Father’s Day card,” his then-5-year-old son candidly conceded in the episode. “And just telling him I love him and I’d see him tomorrow… Then he wasn’t there the next day.”

Little did Christian know he’d subsequently have to leave everything he knew behind as his mother Tammy began selling off all their assets within a month before relocating to Colorado Springs. It was here that the youngster found solace in Bo after he moved in for some stability following his own discharge later that year, especially as they gradually became so close they started considering one another brothers. After all, they were together most of the time — it was Bo who got him ready for school, dropped him off, picked him up, and then cared for his daily needs, with his paternal grandmother helping out wherever she could.

As for Tammy, according to the original production, she was either out working or simply enjoying life alongside friends and dates most of the time, which continued even after Bo decided to get his own place in 2005. He still frequently hung out with Christian, yet it was not the same since the latter still felt abandoned by his mother and alone at home, only to worsen when Sean Lagoe plus Michelle Heaston moved in around 2009. That’s when the seventh grader began feeling utterly scared — he’d been kicked out of his room, was repeatedly threatened by the former, and had realized the three adults were heavy drug users before they’d even orchestrated/executed a plan to murder Bo.

Where is Christian Fritz Now?

Despite the fact Bo had reportedly been attacked in the early hours of August 3, 2009, it wasn’t until 2014 that all three of his perpetrators were identified and apprehended for their criminal actions. However, it’s imperative to note that then-young Christian had already unknowingly understood his mother, as well as her two roommates, were probably involved owing to the details he remembers concerning the matter. While he wasn’t old enough to put the puzzle pieces together back then, he recalls waking up in an empty house on that fateful night, following which he’d even noticed Sean with an Xbox exactly like Bo’s.

Therefore, it wasn’t until Tammy’s 2015 conviction that Christian learned the whole truth, by which point he’d already long been in the loving custody of his grandmother due to the former’s November 2009 arrest for unrelated financial crimes. It was only a year after this that he joined the US Marine Corps at the age of 20 to have the same brotherhood and comradery he’d seen his father, as well as Bo, have with their fellow servicemen. He actually climbed the internal ladder there to gradually hold the position of Squad Leader/Welder within the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, which he maintained until his discharge in 2020.

Since then, Christian has done a 6-month stint as a switcher at FedEx before relocating to Texas to work as a range safety officer at RifleGear for another six and then do maintenance for the City of Richardson for ten. It was only after all this that he evolved into a plant healthcare technician for The Davey Tree Expert Company, where he remained for 1½ years until he got an opportunity to hold the title of Information Technology Field Technician at Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors in April 2024. Therefore, today, the Princeton, Texas, resident is a veteran, a cybersecurity expert, as well as a happily married father of one — he and his wife Taylor (married December 30, 2021) welcomed their son in 2023. We should also mention that Christian is close to Bo to this day, all the while maintaining very limited contact with his incarcerated mother.

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