Christina Boyer: Where is the Killer Mom Now?

Image Credit: Georgetown Prisons and Justice Initiative/YouTube

When Christina Boyer was 14, she began witnessing strange occurrences around her house, and it seemed like she had the power of telekinesis. However, while the media named her the “poltergeist girl,” her adoptive parents believed she was possessed by a demon, starting a horrifying ordeal that refused to stop until she ran away from home at 16. Hulu’s ‘Demons and Saviors’ takes viewers through Christina’s teenage years and chronicles the April 1992 murder of her daughter, Amber. The subsequent investigation into the homicide led straight to her, and with viewers intrigued to learn more, let’s find out where Christina Boyer is at present, shall we?

Who is Christina Boyer?

Christina had a challenging childhood as she was abandoned by her birth mother and adopted by Joan and John Resch when she was just 2. Her adoptive parents renamed her Tina Resch, and although they tried to provide for her, she later claimed her brother sexually abused her. Yet, Joan and John refused to believe the girl when she complained and blamed her for always demanding attention. Naturally, the abuse and neglect had a terrible effect on Christina’s mind, and around 14, she started noticing strange occurrences around the house.

At the same time, the teenager discovered that she reportedly could move objects with her mind and believed the supposed telekinetic powers came from the rage and frustration she had been bottling up inside her. Yet, her adoptive parents claimed a demon had possessed Christina, and they immediately brought in priests and other holy men to conduct an exorcism. Moreover, when that did not work, journalists were invited into the home, and she soon became famous as the “poltergeist girl” in the media.

Amidst the confusion, Joan and John clarified that they wanted nothing to do with Christina anymore, so she ran away at 16 before marrying James Bennett. Unfortunately, he was highly abusive, and the show mentioned how she was abused both physically and sexually until she decided to abandon him. Around that time, Christina learned about her pregnancy and gave birth to her daughter, Amber Bennett, at 19. Soon after, she found love with David Herrin, and it seemed like her dark days were finally behind her.

Sadly, fate had other plans, as on April 14, 1992, 22-year-old Christina rushed to the hospital with Amber, claiming she was completely unresponsive and not breathing. When questioned further, the young mother mentioned that she had gone to work, leaving the toddler in David’s care. However, when she returned, he told her he could not wake Amber, and soon she realized that the three-year-old was not breathing. The doctors worked against the clock at the hospital to save Amber’s life, but it was to avail since she passed away without gaining consciousness.

Later, a medical examination proved that Amber was physically abused and died due to her injuries. Early into the investigation, Christina held David responsible for Amber’s death and mentioned that in the days leading up to the murder, her child had returned with injuries on her face whenever he looked after her on his own. But when Christina asked David to explain the injuries, he would always claim the 3-year-old fell on her own and hurt herself. This explanation appeared suspicious, and she believed her boyfriend had abused her daughter. Regardless, the police believed the couple murdered the child together, and both were taken into custody.

Christina Boyer is Behind Bars

When Christina was charged with murder, the District Attorney said he would push for the death penalty. Hence, her lawyer convinced her to accept a deal to avoid death row, and she finally decided to enter an Alford Plea to aggravated battery and murder. As a result, the mother of one was sentenced to life in prison along with an additional 20-year term in 1992.

Christina kept insisting on her innocence in the following years, although her appeals weren’t enough to overturn her conviction. Yet, with time, numerous people got involved in her case, and three law students from the “Making an Exoneree” Class at Georgetown University took up the matter as a class project and agreed to be her attorneys.

Readers will be glad to know that the team of attorneys has made quite a bit of headway into proving Christina’s innocence, and they are confident of drumming up enough support to get her out of prison. Although, for the time being, she is still convicted of Amber’s murder and remains behind bars at the Pulaski State Prison in Hawkinsville, Georgia.

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