Christine Obanor From THTH: All We Know About the Contestant

Standing at 6’1″ and taking over the world by storm with her reality debut on Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 5, Christine Obanor can only be described as equal parts beautiful and intriguing. After all, she’s a model who admittedly loves not just a good time but also the chase when it comes to a guy, that is, until things moving forward make her realize there might be more to the picture. So now, if you’re simply curious to learn more about her — with a particular focus on her overall background, her career trajectory, as well as her current love life — we’ve got the details for you.

Christine Obanor is Proud of Her African-American Ethnicity

Born in Texas on April 20, 1997, Christine Obanor is ostensibly a first-generation African-American for whom her family, cultural heritage, and historical roots hold the most significance in terms of existence. That’s likely why she has carefully chosen to keep these aspects well away from the limelight, meaning she has never publicly shared anything regarding her loved ones, early years, or upbringing. Therefore, all we can assume is that the 26-year-old has always gotten the support of those she cares for and probably remains quite close to them despite her recent move to Los Angeles, California.

Christine Obanor’s Profession

It was back in 2015 when recent high school graduate Christine Obanor enrolled at the University of North Texas for a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising with a double minor in Business plus Marketing. Thus, she completed her studies for good in 2019, only to then blend her qualifications with her experience as a part-term server and sales associate to evolve into a fashion corporate employee. Christine actually served as an Intern at Bdonnas Closet for five months before landing a part-time Fashion Stylist position at Strich Gix for seven months. She later launched her own nail salon called Beautifaux.

Though if we’re being honest, the primary reason Christine stayed with such minor jobs for so long was that she was simultaneously modeling, which is the industry she was absolutely thriving in. Therefore, the Texan decided to jump head first into the latter and focus on it alone by the time 2022 rolled around, just to have since acquired great opportunities, public projects, brand deals, along with much more. Hence, it comes as no surprise the successful fashion model is now spreading her wings to dip her toes into influencing, too, with her areas unsurprisingly being fashion, beauty, as well as home.

Christine Obanor Likes to Keep Her Dating Life Private

Considering everything Christine Obanor’s shares about her life with the world, it doesn’t appear as if she’s seriously involved with anyone at the moment and is instead solely devoting herself to taking her career to new heights. Yet it is possible she’s dating and is simply keeping it private since she does prefer to keep her personal life well away from prying eyes despite her participation in Netflix’s steamy ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ The truth is she’d actually unexpectedly found a deep connection with Louis Russell during her stint on this series, but it’s unclear whether or not they were able to make things last. So, until Christine herself explicitly makes her relationship status known, it’s safe to assume she’s single.

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