Where is Chuck Turner From My 600-lb Life Today?

‘My 600-lb Life’ on TLC chronicles the fantastic journey undertaken by morbidly obese people who try to shed a few pounds before being approved for surgery. Dr. Now is with them, supervising their program carefully with his diet and exercise plans. While some stories end tragically, there are quite a few successes. Chuck Turner falls into the second category. So, where is the ‘My 600-lb Life’ participant today?

Chuck Turner’s My 600-lb Life Journey:

Chuck, a native of Beaumont, was married to a woman who was murdered in 2006. It marked the start of Chuck’s depression and his weight gain. It was followed by a 40-pound lymphedema mass on his left leg which only compounded his despair. Eventually, Chuck did marry Nissa, his second wife on whom he leaned for support. However, due to being largely immobile and dependent on her, the strain on Nissa was too much. She acknowledged that there was no intimacy in the marriage and she felt like a servant.

Even though the couple adopted a baby boy named Nathan, he could neither play with his son nor care for him in a way he wanted to. The two divorced as well, and finally, Chuck decided to turn his life around. When he first came onto the show, he tipped the scales at 698 pounds. With Dr. Now’s assistance, he lost nearly 433 pounds, after going under the knife and finally reached 260 lbs. He was finally able to climb on his wrecking service’s flatbed truck for the first time in a long time.

Where is Chuck Turner Today?

According to Chuck’s profile, he still works at Turner Wrecker Service and lives at Beaumont. Although Chuck managed to lose some bodyweight he did not find his attitude towards food changing immediately. The alum knows how much to eat but he still likes the taste of good food which is not always healthy for him. You can check out a picture of Chuck where he looks markedly different.

Despite turning his life around when it comes to his body weight, Chuck’s posts are still bittersweet after his divorce. One can understand that he often feels lonely even after turning his life around for the better. Here’s an example of the kind of post, Chuck usually makes.

After losing weight, Chuck appeared for an emotional interview recounting his journey, to a local news channel. He stated that it was his fault he’d let it slide that far but it happened before he fully realized what was going on and by then it was too late. The Beaumont native further iterated that it felt like being out of prison after losing weight.

All said and done, Chuck is being careful to maintain his course after seeking help from Dr. Now. He does not post too much on social media but one understands that he is prepared to make necessary changes to lead a healthy and happy life. We will leave you with one of Chuck’s more recent images.

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