Ciera Blas: Where is the Con-Artist Now?

Hulu’s ‘Age of Influence’ highlights the sinister secrets surrounding social media influencers and how people have used different platforms for scandals and scams. Likewise, it takes viewers through the life of former social media influencer Danielle Miller and how she was eventually arrested for fraud and identity theft. Interestingly, while Danielle was incarcerated at Rikers Island after being arrested for a credit-card scam, she met and got acquainted with Ciera Blas, who was previously accused of identity theft. Subsequently, Danielle and Ciera struck up a sudden friendship, which dragged them deeper into a world of scams, secrets, and frauds.

Who is Ciera Blas?

Although not much is known about Ciera Blas’ early years, Danielle Miller once described the New York City native as someone who fought her way through life and did not care much about the circumstances. She had a pretty carefree attitude and was extremely confident in the lies she used to paddle. In fact, Danielle even talked about her initial impression of Ciera after her arrest, where she said, “She was so confident in her fake façade, but it was really interesting because she was trying so hard to have all the things that I’ve always had.”

Prior to meeting Danielle, Ciera ran a scamming ring through which she stole credit cards and used them to purchase expensive items before selling them to the highest bidder. Apart from this, she even ran a fairly successful Instagram account through which she took requests for specific luxury items prior to stealing and selling them online. On top of it, she also managed to impersonate others in order to swindle money from their bank account.

Eventually, in 2015, Ciera stole a credit card and used it to purchase $22,000 worth of items from a Bergdorf Goodman store in New York. However, before she could step away from the business as if everything was okay, a manager noted there were signs of something suspicious going on and immediately informed the police. That’s when authorities arrived at the location, Ciera was captured red-handed and then she was charged with credit card fraud and identity theft. Nevertheless, once presented in court, she was convicted of the latter count alone prior to being granted parole for the same. Yet, it did not take long for her to violate parole, leading to her placement into Rikers Island.

Ciera Blas Whereabouts Remain Unclear

Even though Ciera and Danielle were cellmates, they did not interact much while spending time behind bars. Though they reconnected after their release in 2019 and embarked on a massive crime spree that included fraud, identity theft, and credit card scams. In fact, they managed to evade authorities until the two decided to withdraw money from a Chase Bank in Sarasota, Florida. After walking up to the counter, the scammers presented the bank teller with a fake identification of a California woman. However, realizing the document was forged, the teller wasted no time calling the police. Hence, when authorities arrested the two, they found $25,000 in cash, fake identifications, fraudulent credit cards, and several phones in their possession.

Once taken into custody, Ciera was charged with a single count of Principal to Criminal Use of Personal Identification. But alas, there are no reports that talk about her acquittal or possible sentencing. Therefore, while Danielle is currently behind bars awaiting her sentencing for three counts of wire fraud and two counts of aggravated identity theft, Ciera’s whereabouts remain unclear, and it seems like she has not been prosecuted after the arrest in Sarasota.

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