Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: The Mixed Training Arc

In ‘Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e’ or ‘Classroom of the Elite‘ season 3 episode 1 titled ‘The Strongest Principle of Growth Lies in the Human Choice,’ the students of the Koudo Ikusei Senior High School are taken to a location somewhere in the mountains where mixed training has been organized. Once there the students are going to be tested based on different parameters and could even be expelled for not doing well enough. Interestingly, as soon as they arrive at the location, the current Student Council President Nagumo challenges Manabu. Meanwhile, Suzune has a private conversation with Kushida, during which the former tries to convince the latter to ally with her.

Kiyotaka and His Peers Face Mixed Training Arc

In order to test the students with the next special exam: the Mixed Training Camp, the Koudo Ikusei Senior High School kids are taken to an isolated location somewhere far from the campus. While on the way, they are informed by Chabashira that they will be grouped with different people, with whom they don’t usually interact. These groups are then subsequently judged based on their performances. Eventually, there will be four different tests that will determine the overall performance of a group and each of its members.

The tests include Zen, which will be conducted in the dojo and will look at etiquette and posture; Written exam, which will be based on morality; Speech, in which each student will be graded according to posture, delivery, volume, and content; and Marathon. High-scoring groups will not only receive class points but also individual points. Now, the groups that will fall below the borderline will see their leaders getting expelled. Interestingly, the leader will also have to choose one student in the group to take away with them.

Hirata is determined to protect the students of his class from expulsion. While he takes the responsibility of looking after the boy’s group, he asks Suzune to do the same for the girls. Interestingly, Horikita asks to be the sub-leader. Kiyotaka realizes the challenges of the exam and feels that he will have to work hard to save his peers this time. After their arrival at the remote locations, things suddenly start to heat up as the current Students’ Council President challenges Manabu. Since all the students are watching, Manabu eventually accepts the challenge. However, this is just the beginning of the drama.

Sometime later that day, Suzune approaches Kushida as soon as she finds the right opportunity. It turns out that she wants her to become an ally, despite the complicated past they share. Kushida is naturally reluctant and does not wish to cooperate with Suzune. She feels that Horikita only wants to keep an eye on her. However, Suzune eventually convinces her to work together, but the animosity between them barely goes away.

Interestingly, Suzune is not the only one willing to keep her personal grudges aside in order to focus on the challenges they face. Arisu informs Kiyotaka that she is willing to ignore the bad blood between them for the time being. At the moment, she is more interested in destroying class 1-B, so Kiyotaka is not the focus of her attention.

Manabu Ask Ayanokouji For Help

After Manabu is challenged by Nagumo, the former President of the Student Council has taken it very seriously. Naturally, he feels that his reputation is on the line and before he graduates, Manabu will want to make sure that he protects his public image. Because of this, he meets Ayanokouji later that evening. Manabu reminds him how he helped him deal with the repercussions of his conflict with Ryuuen. Now that Manabu faces a challenger, he wants Ayanokouji to help him in the same way. His situation is understandable considering the fact that Nagumo appears to be quite confident.

Interestingly, Manabu has already convinced Ikuto, the vice-president of the Student Council to work for him. According to him, Nagumo is too careless with his powers and may cause countless expulsions the following year. Therefore, Ikuto appears to be on board with the mission to do something. Ayanokouji eventually agrees to be part of the mission as well and takes the responsibility to destroy Nagumo.

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