Clayton and Analí: Is the 90 Day Fiancé Couple Still Together?

TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ is well-known for its unique love stories that transcend borders and allow us to witness just how wedding jitters can affect different couples. In season 10 of the show, one of the most prominent duos that fans followed avidly was Clayton Clark and Analí Vallejos, whose journey from start to finish was one that kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. Given the troubles that the two went through prior to their planned weddings, it is only natural for the world to wonder if the duo is still with each other.

Clayton and Analí’s 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Like many couples featured in the show, Clayton Clark and Analí Vallejos met through the wonder of the internet. Specifically, the two found each other on a language-learning app, which led them to start dating for several months. During this duration, they did meet a few times, but the majority of their relationship was a long-distance one. Hence, when the couple got engaged, both of them were looking forward to living together once Analí’s K-1 visa was approved.

However, Analí’s move to Kentucky did not start off on the best note. At the time, Clayton was living in a one-bedroom apartment, which he shared with his mother, Violet, who was living in the walk-in closet. The other residents of the house were two dogs and two guinea pigs. Seeing the lack of furniture and the clutter made Analí wonder about just how their living arrangements would work. Additionally, Analí was concerned about the fact that her fiancé spent the majority of his time on the computer, but was excited when he finally agreed to travel to San Diego, California, in order to meet Kameron Duke, his best friend whom he had never met in person before.

During a double date with Kameron and his partner, Clayton did talk about his sex life, which highly upset Analí, who later told him that he should have told her privately about his concerns regarding their lack of intimacy instead of pointing it out in front of others. She did agree that Clayton was free to talk to his friends regarding his frustration, but he should not do so in front of her. Clayton did take the opportunity to talk to Kameron more, where he discussed how the fact that Analí had yet to speak about the engagement with her father was bugging him. However, when he later brought up the topic to Analí again, she remained firm about not telling her father.

As their wedding day approached, tensions between Analí and Violet also started to increase. In particular, Analí was not a fan of Violet and Clayton talking in English, as it made her feel excluded. While Clayton agreed to talk to his mother, he also broached the idea that perhaps Analí should learn some more English so as to not face communication issues during her time in the USA. All of this took place before their planned bachelor parties, with Clayton’s sister taking up the role of organizer for Analí’s party as the bride-to-be’s friends were not there.

Clayton and Analí Did Get Married

Just a day before their wedding, Clayton Clark and Analí Vallejos got involved in a huge fight. The argument started when Analí confessed that Clayton’s sister had arranged for a stripper for her bachelorette party, which went against the couple’s agreement regarding not having adult entertainment at their respective parties. This left the two furious as Clayton asked why Analí had not put a stop to it all, even though she claimed that she tried to stay away and had not been involved in the organization process.

At the end of their argument, Analí was furious about Clayton’s words, claiming that she wanted to return to Peru. Clayton talked to his sister, who suggested that he apologize, which upset Clayton as he did not think that he was in the wrong. However, when he did see Analí next, he realized just how close his fiancée was to not going through with the wedding after the fight that they had had.

The doubts plaguing Analí certainly did not go away even on her wedding day, with Clayton also aware of the tension between them. However, after talking to her mother, Analí realized that she was not willing to give up on her partner and walked down the aisle on Clayton’s father’s arm. Following the wedding, she even video-called her father to finally break the news of her marriage and introduced Clayton. Overwhelmed, Analí’s father walked away from the camera, which upset Analí very much.

As of writing, Clayton and Analí have not shared any updates regarding their status as a couple. It does seem like the reality TV stars are still on amicable terms. While Analí prefers to lead a more private life on social media, Clayton has posted several pictures of himself and Analí, indicating that not all might be bad between the two.

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