Code 8 Filming Locations

Code 8‘ is one of the smarter superhero movies that you need to watch despite the fact that the genre has become slightly overhyped. The Canadian movie has everything one could ask for: a fictional and technologically advanced city, X-men-like mutants, government surveillance, crime rings, and grey characters. The film is one of the best depictions of a society that does not accept superheroes.

The movie is set in the fictional Lincoln City, where 4% of the population has superpowers. Unfortunately, the superheroes are marginalized after some of them end up committing crimes due to their jobs being taken by automation. ‘Code 8’ revolves around Connor, a man with electrokinetic powers struggling to find a permanent job and pay for his mother’s treatment. His mother suffers from a terminal illness. Connor gets recruited by Garett, a man working for a criminal, and they participate in various heists. ‘Code 8’ stars the cousins, Robbie and Stephen Amell. A spin-off series has been reportedly in the works. You can read about that here.

Where Was Code 8 Filmed?

As mentioned earlier, ‘Code 8’ is set in a fictional city known as Lincoln City. Similar to other superhero stories like ‘Batman’ or ‘Arrow,’ the city functions like another character, integral to the movie’s plot. Moreover, ‘Code 8’ provides a rather comprehensive picture of Lincoln City. It feels like a city that is lived in. It feels like a city with a distinct history and socio-economic tensions. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder what actual city ‘Code 8’ is filmed in.

Toronto, Canada

‘Code 8’ has been entirely filmed in the Canadian city of Toronto. However, those behind the camera have done a rather commendable job of hiding that fact because Lincoln City feels completely unique. Although Toronto residents might be able to pinpoint a few locations that can be seen in the film, the movie is able to pass off the Ontario city as its fictional, urban setting.

Have a look at the tweets posted above and below. They prove the fact that ‘Code 8’ was shot in Toronto.

Information regarding the specific filming locations of ‘Code 8’ has been scarce. Hence, we cannot tell you all the specific places within Toronto where filming for the movie was carried out. However, according to local sources, a few scenes had been filmed at A-1 Auto Service Repair, on 1093, Dundas Street W. Unfortunately, that is the only specific location within Toronto which has been confirmed as a filming location for ‘Code 8.’

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