Colby Trickle: Where is the Killer Husband Now?

Image Credit: Colby Trickle/Facebook

When 26-year-old Kristen Trickle was discovered dead in her apartment in 2019, the initial coroner’s report labeled it as suicide. However, investigators sensed foul play and suspected there was more to the case than initially apparent. They began scrutinizing individuals close to Kristen and soon uncovered evidence pointing toward the perpetrator. CBS’ ’48 Hours’ episode ‘Kristen Trickle: Autopsy of the Mind’ illustrates the clues that ultimately led authorities to accuse Kristen’s husband, Colby Trickle, of the crime and his subsequent apprehension.

Colby Trickle Purchased a Sex Doll Two Days After His Wife’s Death

Colby Alan Trickle, originally from Gladstone, Missouri, had an extensive career. He served in the Army Reserve and pursued a career as a musician, performing covers and playing gigs at parties and events. After graduating from Cochise College, he settled in Hays, Kansas, with his wife Kristen Trickle, whom he married on April 25, 2014. Their life together seemed stable until October 31, 2019, when Colby made a call to 911, claiming that his wife had shot herself. Police arrived at their residence, and shortly after that, the coroner’s report concluded that Kristen’s death was a suicide. Friends and family surrounded Colby, offering him the support they knew he needed.

Image Credit: Colby Trickle/Facebook

However, investigators were suspicious from the start, noting several inconsistencies in the case. One detective pointed out that Kristen was found in her underwear, which he considered unusual for someone intending to self-harm. They also noted that she had harmed herself in the face, which was relatively uncommon for a female who died by suicide. Additionally, the gun discovered at the scene seemed too large for Kristen to have used. Alarmingly, Kristen had set alarms on her phone for the following morning, suggesting she was planning for the future — a behavior inconsistent with suicidal intentions. Following Kristen’s death, the police conducted a thorough interview with Colby.

Colby’s statements raised red flags despite appearing cooperative and talking to them without a lawyer. He claimed to have engaged in intelligence work in the Army, including overseas deployments to the Middle East and Central America. However, upon verification, it was discovered that he had only been deployed within the country. This discrepancy made investigators question Colby’s credibility and intensified their scrutiny of his actions. Before long, the police uncovered that Colby had cashed out two insurance policies in Kristen’s name, totaling $120,000. Shockingly, he rapidly squandered the funds within a mere eight months.

Colby’s extravagant expenditures included clearing debts, acquiring video games, and purchasing high-end musical instruments for his music. Furthermore, investigators discovered that just two days after receiving the insurance payouts, he splurged $2000 on procuring a sex doll for himself. The detective observed that these behaviors were not typical of someone mourning the loss of a loved one, especially a spouse. One detective remarked that while grieving processes vary, the purchases were too frivolous and bizarre to align with the loss of a wife to suicide. Subsequently, investigators clandestinely monitored Colby’s actions and dedicated the next two years to accumulating evidence against him.

Colby Trickle is in Custody Today

On July 14, 2021, Colby Trickle faced charges of first-degree murder in the death of his wife, Kristen Trickle, along with charges of interfering with law enforcement. Following these charges, Colby withdrew from social media and adopted a more private profile. However, his trial did not commence until September 2023. During the trial, prosecutors enlisted the expertise of a psychologist to conduct a psychological autopsy of Kristen, which concluded that her mental state was not indicative of someone contemplating suicide.

Supported by various evidence, the case against Colby was compelling, leading to his conviction in November 2023 on both counts. He received a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 50 years. Initially held at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas, he was transferred to the Ellsworth Correctional Facility in February 2024, where he remains incarcerated. Now 30 years old, Colby has taken up a job within the prison, facing a lengthy sentence before he may be eligible for release.

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